I Like Being Alone

I never realized until recent years how much of an introvert I truly am.  I was always loud growing up, and I guess I still am, but I always assumed I was an extrovert.  But damn do I love being by myself.  I guess I have a lot of practice, being an only child.  I thoroughly enjoy just hanging out with me, myself, and I.

Sometimes I feel guilty because I really like when J and I have different days off or work opposite shifts.  Not all the time, obviously.  But once every week or so I really like having the apartment to myself for a solid 8 hours.  Half the time I’m asleep, but I really like sleeping alone too.  Oops.

I like being able to do what I please without worrying if I’m being too noisy, or if someone else wants to change the channel, or if I’ll be interrupted (like when I’m writing or reading or just really want to be left alone).  I wish there was a way to tell people “Hey, just don’t talk to me for like two hours unless it’s an emergency” without coming off like a total dick.  I mean, yeah, people know what an introvert is but feelings are feelings and feelings are easily hurt.  It’s dumb.

It doesn’t help that in order for me to think and be productive I have to spread my shit EVERYWHERE.  Honestly.  I try to be tidy but I’ve always had to lay all my work out in order to focus.  Growing up I would cover the entire kitchen table doing homework for just one class.  (That’s my struggle with work too.  I could take up our whole office space working and yet I have to be considerate of other people’s work space.  Boo.)  Anyway, it’s hard to spread my shit out on the bed when someone else is on the bed…trying to sleep.

I also need noise to work.  Silence is distracting to me because then I can hear every little noise inside and outside.  Again, hard to blast showtunes (or Christmas music, not gonna lie) when someone else is in the room.

Maybe I’ll make a sign for the bedroom door that says “Alissa is trying to focus and/or decompress.  Please only enter the room if you need to pee or are in need of immediate medical assistance.”  Too rude?  Yeah, probably.

One day when I’m rich (ha) I’m gonna have a guest house and just hide there when I get in these moods.  This is another reason why I shouldn’t have kids.  They bug their parents too much.

This post didn’t make much sense, did it?  Oh well.  Deal with it.

Characters You’d Like to Check-In With | Top Ten Tuesday

Top Ten Tuesday

Another Tuesday, another Top Ten.  As if you didn’t already know, this is part of a weekly meme put out by The Broke and The Bookish.  Once you’ve perused my list, head over to the original post and check out the lists of other participants.  Heck, you can even write your own list and add your link to the linky!  Hot diggity dog!  This week’s theme: Top Ten Characters You’d Like to Check-In With (meaning the book is over, but you’d like to check up on this character to see what’s going on in his/her life once the events of the story are resolved). *Spoilers ahead!  Read at your own risk!

  1. Hermione Granger (Harry Potter series) — I tried to avoid just listing all the characters from Harry Potter, because I want to check in with everyone, but I couldn’t resist listing my girl Hermione.  First, and I’m sure I’m not alone in this, I absolutely NEED to know what happened regarding her parents.  I also want to know all about her professional life at the ministry.  AND I want to know what kind of mother she is (I know she’d be great, but I’m just curious.)  I just.  Need.  To know!  I can’t handle life without Hermione, guys.  I love her.
  2. Montague & Capulet (Romeo and Juliet) — Yeah, this is two-in-one, but really what is the point of checking in with just one family?  Here’s my theory: these families are not going to stay peaceful.  Think about it, they’ve been rivals for so long that neither house even really remembers why they’re fighting.  Now both of their children are dead.  Eventually all that sadness is going to turn into anger.  Even if the two heads of the household were able to put aside their differences, do you think everyone in each family/house is going to just forget everything that’s happened over the years?  Think of Tybalt.  Yes, he’s dead, but there have to be one or two of his cohorts that also hated the opposing house with his level of passion.  Same goes for Mercutio’s buddies.  I mean, the first scene in the play is a group of servants trying to start shit in broad daylight for NO REASON.  That’s not gonna stop overnight.  I’ve rambled long enough about this.  I just want Bill Shakespeare to return from the grave and write a sequel.  I bet you I’m right though.
  3. Survivors from The Lord of the Flies — A bunch of pre-teen boys who were stranded on an island and killed each other?  Yeah, those are some therapy sessions I want to sit on.  Just sayin’.
  4. Elizabeth and William Darcy (Pride and Prejudice) — A classic.  There is a lot of media out in the world (sequels, movies, web series, etc.) about this story and what might happen after these two finally get together, but I’d like to know what really happens behind closed doors at Pemberley.  Again, let’s resurrect Jane Austen and force her to write a sequel.  No?  Fine.
  5. Scarlet O’Hara (Gone with the Wind) — In reality, I just want to follow Scarlet’s life from where the book leaves off to her death bed.  I’m sure she still has some antics up her sleeve.  How many more husbands will she have?  How many dead bodies will she leave along her way?  The world may never know…
  6. Katniss and Peeta (The Hunger Games series) — I still don’t believe that Katniss really cares for Peeta (at least not enough to marry and procreate with him) so I just wanna know what their life is like.  It must be so awkward in that house.
  7. Lydia Bennet (Pride and Prejudice) — Speaking of awkward households… Her marriage and home life must be so strained.  Will she ever truly know what she put her family through?  Will she see Wickham’s true colors?  When will Lydia grow the heck up already?
  8. Liesel Meminger (The Book Thief) — We do get a bit of an epilogue about dear little Liesel at the end of this book, but I wanna meet her new family and see her life after the war.
  9. Luna Lovegood (Harry Potter series) — Nothing specific really that I want to know about Luna’s life after The Battle of Hogwarts, but I could read about Luna forever.  More books!
  10. Hazel Grace Lancaster (The Fault in Our Stars) — I got into a bit of a debate with J about this.  I asked him for input on this list because I was stumped for a bit and he said “Hazel’s parents.”  I calmly reminded him that Hazel is not dead at the end of the book, so clearly he meant that  he’d like to check-in with Hazel.  Then he goes on to say that he’s pretty sure that she dies shortly after the events of the novel.  *crickets* …WHAT.  So then we got into a spirited debate about that.  For the record, I acknowledge the reality of her health and whatnot, but I think she’s got at least a few more years left.  And I want to see them.  And then, sure, we can check-in with her parents too.

Honorable mentions: (I know, how much more can I blather on?)  After J and I were done arguing about Hazel, he mentioned a couple other characters that I had forgotten so I thought I’d just give them a quick mention here.  First is the Baudelaire children from A Series of Unfortunate Events.  I don’t think they require too much explanation.  Second is Rain from Out of Oz, which is the last book of the Wicked series.  I think the second and third books of that series were a little…meh, but Out of Oz brought it back (for me) and wrapped things up pretty well.  Unfortunately, it ends with a bit of a cliffhanger and I wanna know what happens!

I didn’t realize how much I had to say about this list, but I hope you enjoyed it!  Don’t forget to write your own and share it via the original post’s link-up!  Happy reading!

Books Recently Added to my TBR List | Top Ten Tuesday

Top Ten Tuesday

This weeks Top Ten Tuesday (courtesy of The Broke and the Bookish) is all about what future reads we’re eyeing… So without further ado, Ten Five Books I’ve recently added to my To Be Read list.  (These books were all added during a leisurely browse at the bookstore.  If a book looked interesting to me I just took a picture of it.  This is how I discover most of my TBR books.)  Once you’ve read my list be sure to write your own, then head over to the original post and add your list to the linky!

  1. Still Life with Bread Crumbs — Anna Quindlen
  2. I’ll Have What She’s Having — Rebecca Harrington
  3. Love by the Book — Melissa Pimentel
  4. That Part was True — Deborah McKinlay
  5. The Miniaturist — Jessie Burton

Those are five books that caught my eye recently!  Happy reading!

How to Avoid Writing a New Post

Sometimes you fall off the writing wagon.  Inevitably, the guilt of looking at your sad abandoned blog will eat away at your soul.  You’ll throw yourself into work so that your mind doesn’t turn into total mush, but eventually you’ll run out of things to do on your days off, and your brain will start nagging at you to write.  But…you don’t wanna!  Who knows why… You might be embarrassed to start randomly posting again when you’ve been absent so long… You might have no inspiration; maybe all you can think of are negative topics (and you’ve whined enough on your blog…)  Or maybe you just really can’t be bothered.  Here are some tips I’ve found to distract yourself just long enough that your day is wasted and there’s not enough time to write.

  1. Look at your favorited videos on Youtube and become re-obsessed with videos you loved in 2008.
  2. Paint your nails and wait 2 hours before you touch anything to make super sure they’re dry.
  3. Look for a new apartment online even though you don’t need to move and don’t have the means to move right now.
  4. Watch episodes of The Golden Girls that you’ve straight up memorized already.

    “I have too many earrings…” will be on my grave.
  5. Put your hair in a bun.  Decide that it’s too tight and it’s giving you a headache.  Take it down and put it in a side braid.  Get irritated by a loose hair tickling your ear.  Repeat forever.
  6. Look for something to snack on even though you aren’t hungry.  After 20 minutes, determine that you have no food.
  7. Read an article on a feminist website and feel empowered.
  8. Raise your blood pressure by reading the comments on that article.  Resist the urge to murder the world.
  9. Read someone else’s perfect blog about their perfect life and feel really shitty about yourself for about a week.
  10. Finally sit down to write a blog post and spend half an hour deciding which Spotify playlist to listen to.

There you have it!  How to avoid writing a new post for your sad, lonely, little blog.  Remember that these tips can be applied to just about any project you’re avoiding.  They are 100% guaranteed to work…trust me, I’m an expert.  And be sure to look for my second list of tips, coming…uh…later.

Childhood and Teenage Reads | Top Ten Tuesday

Top Ten Tuesday

Another Top Ten Tuesday courtesy of The Broke and the Bookish!  This week’s topic is: “Top 10 Books From My Childhood (Or teen years) That I Would Love To Revisit”.  As I have mentioned in the past, I love children’s books as well as YA.  In fact, I’ve already revisited a lot of my personal favorites.  These books listed will be ones that are not readily available to me or that I don’t really have time to revisit (like series).

  1. Memoirs of a Bookbat by Kathryn Lasky — If you are sensitive about religion, be warned, this book might not be for you.  I think a lot of my distrust of organized religion can be traced back to this book.  My mom either bought it for me, or maybe it was from the library, and I don’t know if she knew exactly what this book was about when she suggested it to me.  Or maybe she knew exactly what she was doing.  This story is about a girl named Harper Jessup who loves to read.  Over time, her parents become more and more religious and start to go the way of censorship.  It starts with textbooks and the classic creationism vs. evolution debate, but slowly becomes about all books.  Eventually Harper has to choose between her freedom of thought (and her love of reading) and her family’s control.  It’s truly fascinating and to some people may be considered controversial.  I would love to re-read it as an adult, especially since I’ve had some interesting experiences with religion myself.
  2. Anne of Green Gables by L.M. Montgomery — I just want to re-read the entire series and all the other books from Anne’s little world.  Her magical and romantic world.  But, alas, time.
  3. Holes by Louis Sachar — I loved this book when it first came out, but I’m not going to lie…a lot of it went over my head.  I didn’t understand a lot of the subtext until the movie came out.  I’d love to read it through grown-up eyes.  Yes I did just use the term “grown-up”.  I think this list is causing me to regress.
  4. The Giver by Lois Lowry — Another one that I haven’t read since I was little, and again… I’m pretty sure a lot of it went right over my head.  I didn’t see the movie (it looked horrible, sorry) but I would certainly love to revisit this book and see what themes or ideas I didn’t absorb as a child.  I know I enjoyed the book but I really don’t remember much about it.
  5. Hatchet by Gary Paulsen — I hated this book when we read it in sixth grade.  All my friends liked it though.  I would like to re-read it to decide, once and for all, if I was a freak or if all my friends were.  I am willing to bet that I was right in thinking that it was one of the most boring books ever written.  (I was pretty dramatic at age 11 though.)
  6. Bunnicula by James Howe — Another book that I remember enjoying but don’t actually remember much about.  I know a lot of people love this book, so I’d love to refresh my memory.  All I really remember is that it was narrated by a cat, right?  Right?!
  7. Prisoner in Time: A Child of the Holocaust by Pamela Melnikoff — Armed with only a vague memory of the plot and no context, it took me about half an hour of Google searching to figure out what this book was.  I vaguely remembered reading it while I was learning about the Holocaust in elementary school.  It’s a story about a Jewish boy who, during the Holocaust, somehow travels back in time to 16th century Prague and meets the Golem of Jewish folklore.  Once I finally found it, I found some not-so-great reviews of this novel.  Oddly enough, that makes me even more interested in re-reading it.
  8. Where the Red Fern Grows by Wilson Rawls — To be completely honest, I’m not entirely sure I ever read this book, or if it was so popular among my friends that I just felt like I had read it too.  Anyway, I was so over this book by 6th grade that I always professed that I hated it.  I don’t know what it was…maybe it was just too mainstream for my hipster tendencies or something, but after awhile as soon as anyone brought up this book to me I’d automatically tune them out.  And I still do.  So maybe I should just shut up and read the damn thing.
  9. Harriet the Spy by Louise Fitzhugh — Another book that I distinctly remember reading, but remember almost nothing about.  I do remember it being different from my orange VHS cassette version, and I remember deciding that I was going to be a spy when I grew up…but that’s about it.
  10. Indian Captive: The Story of Mary Jemison by Lois Lenski — I remember reading this in 5th grade.  Again, I remember liking it, and some vague details of the book, but later on in life I feel like it may have been problematic so I want to revisit this novel and see… It’s about a white girl who gets kidnapped by Native Americans and becomes assimilated into their culture.  I remember they gave her a nickname based on her blonde hair…That’s about it.  I think it’d be an interesting read.

Thanks for reading!  Be sure to check out the original post and then add your own list to the link up!

I don’t know what to call this

So I’m back.  I have a lot of reasons that I haven’t been around, some of them emotional, some of them technical, but the short version is: I’ve had a tough 8 weeks or so.  The biggest emotional hurdle being that my Oma passed away.  Her death came during an already sad week in my life, and all the inevitable family drama that came after just piled up in the compartment in my chest where I hide my feelings.  She died the day after my friend Kevin’s birthday.  Kevin committed suicide a few years ago.  My friend Kevin’s birthday is also the anniversary of Disneyland’s opening, which may seem inconsequential until I remind you that I work at Disneyland and I always spend his birthday faking smiles and joy with my coworkers.  

Anyway, after the drama settled down a bit after Oma’s death, Jared and I were driving home from Norcal (we had been visiting family and had also been to Washington for Oma’s memorial) when I saw the news that Robin Williams had killed himself.  I can’t really say anymore about Robin that hasn’t already been said, but like most people my age he was a big part of my childhood, and my adulthood.  I’ve always said that I wouldn’t know what to do when he and Tom Hanks died, since they both remind me of my father and represent a lot of memories, and given the emotional state I was already in because of my Oma… I just did not take the news very well.  

Shortly after that I made the somewhat foolish decision to post something on Facebook in support of protesters in Ferguson.  There are a few cops in my family, so I should have known better, but man did I get a shitstorm of anger from some relatives.  I also got a lot of support from my like-minded friends, but no matter how calm, civil, or factual I was during the whole thing, the people that I love and respect treated me like dirt under their shoe.  All sorts of logical fallacies were employed to derail the discussion and one cousin resorted to misogyny.  When I called out the sexism (because I have the right to defend myself, just like he has the right to be rude) things got really out of control.  My mother was messaging Jared giving him a bunch of shit about anything and everything, all of which unrelated to the actual topic at hand… It was ridiculous.  

There has also been some mild conflict recently between me and my main manager at work, so things there have been a little tense for me…  I’m just really on edge whenever he’s around, and I’ve tried to talk to him before to resolve some issues and address concerns that I’ve had so that we can maintain a professional relationship but I never feel like he’s taking me seriously or even listening to me, so I’ve basically given up.  The most recent conversation we’ve had (which was a couple weeks ago because I avoid him and he’s been on vacation) involved him jokingly calling me rude for calling out of work one day. I told him “Well, it was bereavement so thanks for that.” He rolled his eyes and called me rude a second time.  So, yeah, I’m pretty much done with him.

All of these…things, for lack of a better word, have kinda left me a shell of a person lately.  I feel almost nothing.  Except sadness and bitterness.  Normally I would talk to my mom about this sort of thing but I just really don’t think that’s an option anymore since the last few times I showed emotion lately she’s yelled at me.  

Also, Jared’s laptop broke and mine has been broken for a long time. So that’s just another thing to deal with.

I think it’s pretty ironic that all this shit, along with events I have not mentioned, started happening like a week after I posted a whole long post about having a positive outlook and changing my perspective.  Way to put that to the test, life.  Kudos.  

I don’t really know what the point of this was really.  I guess I just wanted to have some sort of record about how shitty this summer was?  I don’t know.  Maybe by getting all of this out I can start moving on with life.  Jared has been great during all of this nonsense, but I can’t just be an emotional wreck all the time.  I gotta give the kid a break now and then.  I guess maybe that’s what this is about.  

I want some ice cream.

Stories in Other Forms | Top Ten Tuesday

Top Ten Tuesday

This weeks Top Ten Tuesday courtesy of The Broke and the Bookish is our favorite stories in television and film.  I technically broke the rules this week, but I don’t care.  The fact of the matter is that I don’t watch that much T.V. and while I certainly enjoy movies, my favorites tend to be based off of…books.  While it was never explicitly said to not include book-based stories, I’m choosing not to as much as possible.  So my list includes some stories from other forms of media.  I hope you don’t mind!

  1. The Office — I.  Love.  The Office.  I’ve watched the series multiple times, I’m constantly referencing this show… it is my life source.  Hilarious and heartwarming…if you haven’t watched this series, where have you been?  Pam and Jim  are my OTP.
  2. Strictly Ballroom — Baz Luhrmann’s classic dance movie with an amazing soundtrack and just all around awesomeness.  A cute love story, some ridiculous characters, great comedy moments…  I love this movie!  My mom brought this home from the library one day years ago and I really thought I was going to hate this, but it’s truly amazing.  Fran is a beginner dancer with eyes on the next star of ballroom dance, Scott Hastings.  After Scott loses his partner and credibility after improvising moves in front of Australian Dancing Federation President Barry Fife, he gives Fran a chance to dance with him in the Grand Prix.  Everyone, especially Scott’s mom, panics, conspiracy are revealed, and Scott finally stops living his life in fear.  I’m pretty sure it’s on Netflix, watch it tonight!
  3. The Golden Girls — Um.  If this needs explaining I really feel sorry for you.  Harsh, but true.  Greatest sitcom of all time.  All time!  (I’m totally a Sofia by the way.)
  4. Modern Family — Speaking of hilarious comedies that often manage to teach us lessons and warm our hearts without being overly cheesy…  This show is great.  Not many shows make me literally laugh out loud but this one does at least once an episode.  I’m talkin’ big belly laughs here.  The good stuff.
  5. The Hazards of Love by The Decemberists — This album by The Decemberists tells a story through a series of songs.  It’s basically a musical soundtrack without the existing musical.  The album is meant to be listened to as a whole, but I feel that a few of the tracks are good stand alone songs.  I don’t want to spoil too much, because half of the experience is piecing together the story while you listen, but it’s basically a love story between a girl and a boy who is raised by the forest.  I know that sounds crazy, but it’s really amazing.
  6. Parks and Recreation — I’m currently playing catch up on this one (I’m extremely behind the times here) but I love Leslie Knope and all of her antics.  She is one of the best feminist characters I’ve seen, and the whole cast of this show is brilliant.  Brilliant!
  7. The Book of Mormon — I just saw this musical earlier (almost exactly 4 months ago!) but I’ve been obsessing over the soundtrack for quite some time.  Part of the reason this story resonates with me so much is because I used to be LDS (Mormon) and this story is, in part, a conversion story.  Also, it’s really funny.  And NSFW!  Fair warning!
  8. Next to Normal — Another musical, this is the simultaneously depressing and uplifting story of a woman coping with loss and mental illness, and how it affects her family.  Again, I don’t want to spoil too much, so I won’t.  Just know that it’s good, okay? Awesome.
  9. Into the Woods — This one is kinda breaking my own non-book-based rule, because it’s a musical based on fairy tales, but there are original characters (the baker and his wife) thrown into the mix, and the plots are all interwoven in a remarkably original way.  Plus, and I may be wrong about this, I am pretty sure the entire second act is original an original storyline.  Anyway, this Stephen Sondheim musical is currently being made into a film by my boss, dear old Mickey Mouse.  I have mixed feelings, but I know that I will ultimately be giving some of my paycheck back to Disney when Into the Woods arrives in theatres.
  10. When Harry Met Sally — My favorite movie.  Boom.  I said it.  The rom-com of the century.  Just perfect in every way.  Funny, romantic, sad…all the feels.  Another movie that I quote and/or make reference to on the regular.  Often unnoticed by those around me.  Excellent soundtrack too!  If you haven’t seen this yet, check it out.  Especially if it’s your time of the month.  It’s great with some ice cream.  Just sayin’.

Be sure to write your own Top Ten and add your link to the original post!

My Favorite Classics | Top Ten Tuesday

Top Ten Tuesday


Over at The Broke and the Bookish they do a weekly Top Ten Tuesday.  After perusing my list, be sure to make your own and add your link to the original post!  This week’s topic:  Our Top Ten Favorite Classics!

  1. The Wizard of Oz by L. Frank Baum —  This book was my life growing up.  Literally.  I have read all 14 books in the series multiple times and this is the one that started it all.  I mean, I was obsessed.  I still can’t get some relatives to stop sending me all things Oz.
  2. Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen — I mean, duh.  I love this book.  I love the characters, I love the romance, I love it all!  Enough said.
  3. Fahrenheit 451 by Ray Bradbury — I remember reading this over summer for school and feeling so confused.  And then when school started and we began discussing it and my appreciation for it grew so much.  One of my favorite dystopian novels of all time.  All time!
  4. Little Women by Louisa May Alcott — This book is what made me want to be a writer.  I just imagined myself like Jo, working furiously with her cap slouched over her brow.  It just seemed so glorious to me.
  5. Cyrano de Bergerac by Edmond Rostand — Another one that I read for school, and I just fell head over heels in love with Cyrano and all of his dramatics.  Later on this play wormed its way back into my heart through an old friend and now I appreciate it on a whole different level.
  6. Les Miserables by Victor Hugo — Talk about an epic read.  I actually haven’t even finished this one but I’ve been chipping away at it for years, and I’m enjoying it so far!
  7. Anne of Green Gables by L.M. Montgomery — Another series that really shaped my childhood and, ultimately, my life.  I wish I could be more like Anne, because I loved her as a kid.   I mean have you ever heard of a more positive and tenacious person in your life?  Yes?  Well, whatever.  She’s rad.
  8. The Hobbit by J.R.R. Tolkien — I don’t think this requires much explanation.  I mean, I hope not, jeez.
  9. Lord of the Flies by William Golding — Again, I read this for school.  I remember we were assigned to read one or two chapters at a time (and we had a weird schedule so we only had English every other day) and I read the whole book in the first week it was assigned.  I got some of the best grades I’ve ever gotten on essays and whatnot while we were focusing on this novel.  I was totes into it!  Totes!
  10. Of Mice and Men by John Steinbeck — Talk about one of the most heartbreaking endings to a novel ever.  When we read this in class I think my jaw hit my desk.

What are some of your favorite classic reads?  What are some that I should add to my collection?

Appreciating Where I’m At



I have always had a really bad habit of focusing on being somewhere else and placing all the blame for current disappointments on where I currently am, or who I’m with…

Background info about me:

I used to be a bit of a heartbreaker.  And I don’t mean in the innocent sense that guys liked me and I was simply unattainable.  I had the tendency to toy with boy’s emotions for funzies.  At the time I would convince myself it was NO BIG DEAL and I don’t think I realized how inconsiderate I was being.  Looking back, though… I cringe.  Anyway, along those lines, I would start to get bored with my current boyfriend and I would kinda “choose”  my next conquest before I had even broken up with my current beau.  I started this habit in 9th grade and didn’t kick it until I was 19.  (I have horrible relationship karma so Jared is probably going to tear my heart apart at some point…)

So!  All that said, since I’ve stopped living for future romances I recently realized I haven’t truly kicked my habit.  I don’t mean relationships, I mean living situations.  I’m constantly bemoaning our apartment, my salary, the heat, my car…etc.  None of which is really that bad.

Lately I’ve been wistfully day dreaming about leaving So Cal and moving back up north, close to wear I went to school.  Today I had an epiphany… When I lived up north I constantly missed being down here!  I missed real beaches that you don’t need to bundle up to enjoy.  I missed being close to just about anything.  In the area we live in we are super close to two theme parks, not too far from two others, there are a plethora of shopping and dining options nearby, we’re super close to the beach, and we are within an hour of numerous famous performance venues.  That’s not necessarily the case where I went to school.

Disclaimer: I am in no way intending to diss that area or any of my loved ones who are from there or currently live there.  I cherish the time I’ve spent there. I always look forward to visiting.  It’s just not what I truly envision for my day-to-day life at this point.

Anyway, this was all just a very rambly way of saying that I need to take responsibility for my own happiness and finally recognize when I’m getting in my own way.  I need to stop placing the blame for my discontent on stupid things like my job, the apartment, etc.  I mean, I adore my job!  Could I stand to get paid a little more?  Sure.  Do I want to stay in my current position forever?  Of course not!  But that’s no reason to make every day a miserable experience for myself and those I work with.  And my apartment?  The only thing wrong with it is that Jared and I take no pride in where we live.  Real talk: the apartment is always a mess, and it’s hardly decorated.  So obviously I’m not going to love spending time at home.  And even if J and I moved, I’d be willing to bet we’d have the same issues at a new place.

So starting, well,  a few days ago, I’m going to be working on my attitude.  So far it’s been going pretty well.  I’m still in the ‘fake it till you make it’ phase but I’m okay with that.

I’ll get there.

Unique Reads | Top Ten Tuesday

I may have done this once or twice before, but just in case I didn’t explain: A book blog that I often lurk on, The Broke and the Bookish, does a weekly Top Ten Tuesday.  Today’s topic is…

Top Ten Six Most Unique Books I’ve Read

  1. Ishmael by Daniel Quinn — This book definitely changed my life and my way of thinking.  The premise is extremely unique (almost odd) but it’s very eye-opening and really does stay with you.
  2. Fated  by S.G. Browne — A unique premise in which other-worldly presences like Fate, Destiny, and Death live human lives with the rest of us, and what happens when they have their own doubts.
  3. The Book Thief by Markus Zusak —  The way this book was written, from the perspective of Death, really grabs you.  The descriptions of war in this book were beautiful in their own tragic way.  I never saw the film adaptation of this, and I’m kinda glad I didn’t, because I wasn’t sure how well it would translate to screen.
  4. Candy Girl by Diablo Cody —  A book about a woman’s stint as a stripper.  Candid, vulgar, obscene…moments of this book made feel very uncomfortable, but at the same time I couldn’t put it down.
  5. The Historian by Elizabeth Kostova — A vampire book that’s less about vampires and more about actual history.  Love it!  I adore historical fiction and the dash of paranormal activity in this story is just enough.
  6. Will Grayson, Will Grayson by John Green & David Levithan — This isn’t the first book I’ve read that tells the story through varying viewpoints, but the particular story it told was pretty interesting and different.  The characters were unique, and the ways in which they connected was different as well.

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