I’m sitting here at the computer counter with my father. He’s looking thru all the financial aid crap. He does this all the time. There’s important papers to be filled out and mailed in? Theres a deadline for the FAFSA? I need to finish something and I’m waiting on his help? Theres a deposit that needs to be sent in for something? Well, you can be sure he’s gonna wait till the last minute and then freak out when he misses the deadline. He even did that for his severence package from work. He had to mail in his preference [yanno, whether or not he wanted a lump sum or the 30 weeks of paychecks] by a certain date, he mailed it at the last minute, and then freaked out because they almost didn’t get it on time.
And I’m really sick of these shenanigans.


One thought on “don’t you realize that deadlines matter?

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