[this was a bulletin I posted on el space of mine…the skeleton version of my night…I didn’t want to forget any more than I already have. and I had a hella funny quote to use as a title…it was something deliciously racist…but I don’t remember what it was…anyway…I got home at 4:22. a.m. so I’m tired. but I’ll fill out more of the details later. bwahaha]

started around 12:45pm at el casa de James.

watched el squarepants de spongebob.

youtube funtimes.

choir delightfulness.


plus Danny.

picked up Markis.

returned to my Boomquiesha [which is the same person as James, ktf]


goodbye A.K.! you shall be missed.

to the beach!

“am I seriously getting pulled over?”
“yes James”


la dee dah, keep on driving!

text jeremy:
“Ugh James just got pulled over…”
::hears siren behind us::


fell over. twice. for no reason.

then went swimming.

got caught in rip tide.

got tossed around under the water, finally found the surface, stood up…and realized my shirt was in my hand…not on my body.

[thank goodness for bras]

text to nathan:
“I was violated by a wave. the tide ripped my shirt off.

that’s why it’s called a rip tide!”

could hardly hear, was dizzy, and full of sand.

sat on a blanket.

fear of water!
no lifeguard on duty?!?!

chilled at beach.


lets go back to corona.

changed clothes.

let’s eat!

hello diamond bar!
no wait at chili’s! hooray!

it’s my birthday?!?!
free milkshake.

“fuck that shit.”

employee discount!

drive to the hat.

this is weird.


let’s blow this joint.

driving around glendora, covina, and other places as well. ta. da.

scary movies and other topics of fright!
feet on the seat!

“oh yea, the ankle slashers…”
“markis why did you say that?!?!”

don’t call him bob.

“I love you. No…no…no you don’t understand. I love you!”

“I’m tired.”

goodnite james.

dropped markis off in his driveway.

“blah blah blah religion football the olympics and so much more!”

“holy crap it’s 4:10 am”

goooooodbye markis!!

sneaking into house…success!
typed longest bulletin ever.

and I think the cat just farted.

awesome end to my day.



3 thoughts on “[insert inside joke here]

  1. ya know…I got “I hate almost drowning” and “Rip tides galore” but I never got that one.

    Fuck my phone. I’m getting a new one.
    as soon…

    I’m a poor mofo now.
    yay science fiction conventions!
    yay not getting paychecks!

    (a blog shall ensue)

  2. ooo, if I see that wave around here, I’ll beat the foam out of it. jk, I’m not crazy, I promise. 😉

    yay for fun times! minus the near drowning and pull overs, of course.

  3. oh that was a glorious day

    you guys seriously talked for 2 more hours…thats awesome

    i love us

    i wish i could remember the racist joke…cuz i remember you said that it was gonna be the title of your blog

    so much fun


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