well it looks like you forgot again this week… your mom emailed me tho… its good to hear that things are going well at least, and that at least you´re not mad at me. dont even worry about waiting til mondays to write me… feel free to respond or write or whatever whichever day of the week it is… im fine reading a couple emails from the same person in a week, its not a problem, and i´ll let you know when it gets to be too much… also, maybe it´ll be easier to remember which day is monday if you go to church on sundays, (wink, wink).ummm so anyways… i was reading the scriptures the other day, like a good little missionary, and i found a few that i would like to share.
Mormon 9:27,
alma 37:6
Helaman 5:12 (with quotes)
If our faith is rooted in the sandy soil of reason and logic, it will be swept away by a rising tide driven by the escalating winds of opposition. a faith founded in Jesus Christ and on the rock of revelation will endure through the fiercest storms of life. (cant remember who said it, it was in the ensign magazine somewhere)

well take care then.
con amor,
elder jke bendixen

I don’t know…I just decided to let Jke post a bit on my blog. Since so many of you have never met him. This is his most recent email. I guess y’all can say you’ve met him now? Haha. And no you don’t get to see my response. A lot of personal stuff about religion in the response so…HA! None for you! Besides, it was disgustingly long.


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