The ‘8 things’ survey! Woooo.

8 things I am passionate about:
-Those God and Jesus fellows =]
-My family
-Color [that may seem weird, but I hate when things are just plain…color just brings so much more life and vibrancy to…life. for those of you who have seen my room, you probably understand]

8 things I want to do before I die:
-Raise a family
-Visit every Disney park in the world
-Get my doctorate in music
-Be 130 lbs again…just for old times sake…haha
-Win a Tony Award =]
-Work for Disney [even if it’s only for a summer at Disneyland]
-Become a member of the Mormon Tabernacle Choir
-Learn how to play the harmonica [I know one song! I’m on my way!]

8 things I say often:
-I love you [it’s true, I want everyone I love to know it, so I remind them often]
-Fer shure
-Just get over it [altho usually I don’t say that one out loud…I’ll mutter it under my breath while you’re away…bwahaha]
-I dunno
-Uhm, fuck you?
-Oh my gosh.
-That’s what she said. [haha]

8 things I read recently:
-Black Pearls
-InStyle Magazine
-The blogs of all you people [love ya!]
-Various news articles
-The instruction manual for my food processor
-To do lists [story of my life]
-The Bible/Book of Mormon [call me crazy, but he finds some great music and puts it on his site so…yea…]

8 songs I could listen to over and again:[no particular order]
1.Move On from Sunday in the Park With George:

2.Romeo and Juliet by The Killers:

3.No One is Alone from Into the Woods:

4.Agony and Agony (Reprise) from Into the Woods:

5.My Best Friend by Hello Saferide:

6.Magic of Disneyland by Tim Babb:

7.Johanna from Sweeney Todd [this version is the best..the movie version annoyed me]:

8.Defying Gravity from Wicked [this isn’t the best vocal, and the Glinda is crap, but it’s the best quality I could find of the full version rather than a chopped award show version]:

damn that took forever finding all those vids.
so you damn well better appreciate it!


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