It’s a song. From Kiss Me Kate…now on to the blog!

Markis, James, and I all went to Hollywood today to see Tim Babb [of TANcast fame] live on the big…stage…thing. Well, in the back of a comic book store anyway. A big comic book store tho. A really effing amazing comic book store, actually. And that’s coming from a gal who’s only experience with comic books is Betty & Veronica. But I digress. It was a good show. 5 comics, was it? I don’t even remember now…haha. There was the host dude who doesn’t live in his mother’s basement, the tamale guy, the guy with the hat, Tim, and funny black man of inappropriate hilarity. Yea..that’s it. Ok so 5. I personally feel that Tim stole the show. Maybe I’m biased. But I don’t care. He handled a very opinionated heckler very well and was just genuinely funny. As usual. The others were chuckle worthy…but only Tim made me chuckle like a fuckle.
The heckler…well…he was all about white power. That was fun. He was outside the building and was shouting stuff in…and it was really annoying. All the while I’m thinking “Great, I gotta walk back to my car with two black dudes.” ;] But yea. It was strange. Life goes on tho.
It was ridiculous how many times I had to call my mother tho. I was just like…really? I can live by myself and not call you for days at a time, during which I could have gone to strip clubs and San Francisco or, even worse, Oakland without you knowing but now to drive an hour and a half away to an area of LA I’ve been to before is unheard of? Do I really have to call you every time I change lanes? Really? Ok, so maybe I’m exaggerating. But still. It was annoying. And then while we were outside on my driveway [after the show and after Denny’s] she calls and tells me to come inside, even tho I’ve been on the driveway at the same hour with the same people before. But since I’ve been to LA and back the driveway is suddenly dangerous…? ktf.
Anyway, after the show of awesomeness we drove back to Corona [because I wasn’t allowed to stop and eat in LA…I know.] And went to the usual Denny’s…and ate. Yum. Then we drove around and ended up driving past Ryan’s even tho I was trying to avoid it. Woo. Then the driveway, because I was tired of driving around. Then my mom called, so I took the guys home. Now I’m here. Hooray!
Anyway. It was a good night.
For all of you who stayed home and watched the ridiculously long and remarkably boring opening ceremony of the Olympics…HA! Way to waste a perfectly good Friday night. You could have been having fun. Like us.


4 thoughts on “Another Opening, Another Show…

  1. oh, well thank you for dissing my boring evening. I guess I’m just not that cool……………….

    (you know I’m kidding)


  2. Hmph.
    Well, since i only watched like, 2 seconds of the olympics as I was leaving Caity’s house…I guess I’m cool.
    Or relatively.



  3. Ha! “TANcast ‘fame'” you kill me πŸ˜‰

    I think you were the best audience member…but I think I am biased πŸ™‚

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