get off my effin case already.
yea, my friend owes my cousin money.
yea, I’m going to be the person who delivers said money to my cousin once my friend gives it to me.
yes, I’m aware of the fact that it’s been a month already.
yes, I am also aware of the fact that he’s gone out and spent money since he borrowed some.
I know all of this to be true.
But how is it my duty to nag my friend about it?
I agree, he should pay him back. I am totally with you on that. But they have each other’s phone numbers. If my cousin wants to nag him, he can. If my buddy wants to ignore his texts, whatever. I’m not gonna go through his fone and confront him. They are both adults, and they can handle it. I don’t mind my cousin messaging me every once and awhile because it’s his business, and I see my friend more often than he does. So that is totally cool. But when my mother is getting on my case about it…gah. I am in no way responsible for what my friend does with his money. I may not totally agree with everything he does sometimes but that doesn’t mean I’m going to get on his case about it. So leave me alone. I’m not his accountant.


2 thoughts on “oh em geeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeezus

  1. i am so sorry that your mother is giving you grief about this

    i have talked to nick and im gonna take care of it

    tell her, from me, that she need not worry

  2. Woah, since when did your mom get involved?

    I haven’t talked to anyone about it, except you.

    So, that’s really weird.

    Sorry if I got you in the middle, I swear though, I’m totally cool on this end!

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