That’s right you bitches and ho…es? Hos? No, it must be hoes.
That’s right you bitches and hoes! I’m making BAKLAVA!
I had thought it was of Greek origin, and it turns out it is of Turkish descent! However, it is not my fault [I’m playing the victim] that I was wrong. I’ve been sold baklavas at Greek shops for ages. And I’m not alone! However, the current form of baklava was develeped in Turkey. So go you guys!

Baklava is made of layers upon layers of phyllo dough and walnuts or pistachios and then sweetened with honey or some other sort of syrup. And it is a bitch to assemble. No, seriously. It has been in the oven for an hour and five minutes and still has an hour and five minutes to go. Before that it took me an hour or so to put all the layers together. And even though it’s baking…I still have another half hour of prep to take care of…making the syrup. Which is kinda gonna suck because boiling sticky things can lead to burns, not to mention a huge mess. As for the layers…spending that much time with delicate layers of the thinnest dough ever [it looks like paper, I’m not kidding] and melted butter and walnut/sugar/cinamon mixes can drive a person crazy. That being said…it is so worth it. It’s only half way thru cooking and it smells delish already.
The worst part of all this is the waiting. And I’m not talking cook time. Because after the syrup is done and poured over the whole dessert…it has to sit overnight. So even though all I’ve done today is work on this effing pastry, I won’t get to enjoy it till tomorrow.
[and I may have leftovers so y’all at school may get to sample some on Saturday…?]


4 thoughts on “Baklava

  1. im so sorry that you had to spend all of that time on something that will undoubtedly end up in my belly somehow

    why are you making baklava?


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