I’m not saying I miss him. I’m saying I hate being a grown up who has to make grown up decisions.

akdj faidhg iashgdugaidghaig.

Sorry, I’ll just never mention him again, since it upsets y’all so much.

you know what? no.
fuck that shit.
I’m not gonna watch what I say or censor thoughts of him or funny stories about him out of my conversations. There’s a handful of you who are gonna get uncomfortable, or start doubting my feelings for Jeremy, or accuse me of being hung on Jacob, but I don’t care. If you cannot understand that he was and is a big part of my life and if you can’t wrap your head around the fact that he and I have lots of memories [and thusly, things remind me of him] then y’all can leave. Theres the door. I’m not gonna deny such a huge part of my past so you guys can skip merrily [la la la!] and pretend he doesn’t exist. Don’t you realize that my relationship [romantically and frienship…ly] with him totally made me the person I am today? And from what I can tell y’all like who I’ve become because of him, so maybe you owe him a big fat thank you rather than hating his existance without even knowing him.
So fuck you guys.


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