Well, folks, I’ve jumped on the Snickolas bandwagon and decided to synchroblog with him! [well, actually, this blog’s root can be found at the Moments in Time blog]. This session of synchroblogging is “This Really Bugs Me”. And, as you may have noticed by my previous two posts, I’ve covered a couple of those topics already. So this one is going to be a little more light-hearted [I hope!]. Also, I really enjoy writing lists..and I feel like I haven’t posted in list format in awhile, so, apart from this explanitory paragraph, this blog shall be…a…list. [I feel like I’m being repitive]

This really bugs me:
-When someone sees you in real life [and you don’t see them] and they don’t bother to say hi, but later leave a myspace/facebook comment or message saying that they saw you.
-When neat freaks complain about cleaning all the time.
-Imagine sitting in the car, maybe the back seat, with people you don’t know that well. A song that you love but haven’t heard in awhile comes on the radio. In your head you are rocking out, and then halfway thru, right before the best part, someone in the front seat changes the station to some crummy Rihanna song [or something equally common.]
-Being totally broke! Haha.
-Carpooling in certain situations. I don’t like carpooling someplace with someone that I know will want to stay waaaay longer than I’ll want to. That feeling of being stuck and dependant on somebody else…ew.


3 thoughts on “Synchroblog? Sure! "This Really Bugs Me"

  1. Some of the things that bug you tickled my funny bone, LOL. I sometimes get friend requests on Facebook and not have a clue about them, but I seem to add them anyways. I don’t like anyone who is too much of a neat freak. Sometimes things will get unorganized. Rihanna songs have to be given a break sometimes because they are being played too much.

  2. I tend to have these things happen to me in reverse.

    I see people on facebook all the time, not write on their wall, and when I see them in real life, tell them I just saw them on facebook.

    I just get really weird looks.

    Also, whenever I have people in the back of my car that I don’t know, I also switch it onto Rihanna, just to see how they react.

    I have yet to be stabbed in the back repeatedly.

  3. I hate when people write on my wall “I saw you at ______ today!” What? Did I look so terribly busy you couldn’t at least wave? Don’t even bother to tell me you saw me. I won’t know the difference.

    And being broke…haha. Yeah, that does more than just bug me.

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