1. Better radio stations. Like Jack FM [93.1], Kiss FM [102.7], 104.3 [I can’t remember the name…it changes], and 105.1 [the good country station]. Oh, not to mention 95.5, 99.9, 101.1. Damn. So many options. Here there are like…4. And I live over an hour from LA and I still get all these stations, so don’t say that the reason we have shitty stations is cuz we’re far from Oakland and SF.

2. Disneyland. ‘Nuff said.

3. Better weather. Yea, it’s hot during the summer. But I’m okay with that.

4. Apple country. No one knows what that is. But I sure as hell miss it.

5. Beaches! Beach communities! Piers with Ruby’s at the end. Beautiful half-naked people walking around and making me feel bad about myself.

6. More options. What I mean by that is… There are always a lot of things to do. Multiple theme parks, beaches, ridiculous amounts of shopping centers, Indian casinos, etc. They may not always be right around the corner, but they’re relatively close. I never realized how much there was to do until I came here…where there is way less.

7. People. That’s not to say that people from Socal are cooler than Norcal people. A lot of the people I’ve met from Norcal are way more chill than the people I knew in Socal. But I like going to the grocery store and seeing the same people working there that have worked there since 2001. I miss that old asian lady at the Carl’s Jr. I miss knowing who lives in all those houses I pass. It’s kinda cool going to Barnes & Noble and seeing an old friend. And I love that almost every time I go to any grocery store [Henry’s, Vons, or Albertsons] I see one of Kristin’s parentals. I love going to Albertsons and spending 15 minutes at the bakery to talk to Matt. And while that does mean sometimes I see people I don’t want to see [Lisa Straehly] it’s better than having no connection to anyone in the community.

8. Buena Vista Park. Right down from my street. Sure, I’ve been bothered by the cops there on more than one occasion. But it’s still a good park. Nice and close.

9. Freeways. It seems like a strange thing to miss, I know. But I miss 8 lane freeways and over/under-passes… It’s still so strange to me to have only one “freeway” as an option here.

10. There are far more schools within close proximity. There’s RCC of course, and other community colleges and junior colleges, then there’s CSUF, CSULB, UCR, UCI, UCSD, SDSU, USC, UCLA, Chapman, Redlands, La Sierra, and more.


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