I’m not pro-McCain. I’m not pro-Obama. I’m pro-“la la la this isn’t happening…” And I’m definitely pro-fair treatment of candidates in the mainstream media. And I am sick and tired of the mainstream media acting like the sun shines out of Obama’s ass. Fun fact: it doesn’t. He’s just as much into the dirty politics that he slams McCain for in pretty much every speech he’s made.
Here are some more fun facts for ya:

  1. Obama has run more negative ads since the conventions, and has spent more money on negative ads in the last week than McCain. On top of that, he’s been making more and more negative remarks during interviews and on the road. Isn’t this the same Obama [along with his fellow Democrats] who renounced negative ads? Didn’t he want to focus on the issues and his stand and his plans for dealing with those issues? (Source 1)
  2. Obama’s ads are 77% negative to McCain’s 56%. (2)
  3. Obama likes to misquote and take things out of context just as much as other politicians do. In a new Obama-endorsed Spanish-speaking ad directed at the Mexican community, Obama’s campaign took quotes from a satirical Rush Limbaugh bit and John McCain out of context and reworked them calling John McCain “dos caras” [literally: two faces, as in two-faced]. This ad also implies that John McCain is racist. [Watch the ad and read a translation here.] This from the same man that threw a hissy fit when he was misquoted and taken out of context. Interesting. (3)

Again, I know that John McCain is not perfect. If I absolutely had to choose between the two, I would choose Obama, I suppose. But the fact that Barack Obama can do no wrong in the eyes of mainstream media really drives me crazy. And, although most of these sources are conservative, I’m glad that someone is paying attention. An aware Republican is better than a blind Democrat.

1. Obama: The new Mr. Negative?
2. Relax Liberals, Obama is Doing Fine
3. McCain Camp Slams Obama Ads Linking Candidate to Limbaugh

The beginning video is a clip of Anderson Cooper 360 on CNN. I tried to find a direct link to it…but I cannot. The video is entitled “Obama’s negative ads”.


3 thoughts on “Snap out of it! Obama is not the messiah.

  1. I’m with you on the I’d-rather-not-choose-a-party thing, and how the media is very biased. I’m pro-obama, but he’s human like the rest of us.

    I say you and I run for office. Fuck politics.

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