Looks like Nathan failed in his mission. Probably because using “My girlfriend speaks French” as reasoning was the lamest argument ever. No offense to Caity.
Remarkably enough, y’all chose the language I actually wanted to learn the most. However, as I told Nathan [see my comment to his blog about why I should learn French] Italian is not offered at this school. Or many others. It’s probably offered at Fullerton. [figures] Oh wow. It isn’t. Weird. Anyway. That just proves my point, it’s not readily available everywhere.
I also want to learn German, because it’s part of who I am. I eat enough German food, I might as well speak the language. And then Oma might be all happy that I’m learning the language of her native country. Yanno?
But French is definitely the most practical. It’s offered pretty much everywhere in the world and is also somewhat similar to Spanish [not every single word, but Spanish, French, and Italian are all Romantic languages…so is English, actually]
For those of you wondering why those were the only options…well, I’ll tell you later. No, it has nothing to do with my upcoming announcement.
If you care to, comment and tell me how you voted [Nathan doesn’t have to…we know] and why you did so. [warning: if you say because Nathan told you to…I’ll probably leave you a comment and call you a name. plus I’ll void your vote. so there.]

Anyway, the point is…Italian won. Go Italy. Fascism! Yay!


4 thoughts on “Italian

  1. I actually voted for Italian.



    I had you there for a moment.
    I was using like, psychology on you. which I’ve never actually taken.

    anywho. isn’t french like, the language of commerce, and all that shit? like. My cousin has her B.A. in modern languages, and she learned Spanish, French, and Italian. And she said that once you know Spanish and French, you basically have Italian, cause it’s so similar. cause she like, tutored kids in Italian, even though she only took a couple of classes in it.


  2. i voted for italian cause it is a really beautiful language and i want to learn it but idk if chico offers it. and i already have my language credits out of the way. anyway, yeah they are all latin based languages so once you learn one, you have almost all of them (or it at least makes it a whole lot easier) yeah good luck in your endeavors for italian! or german or whatever

  3. I was deciding between German or Italian in the beginning. nothing against French, but I ruled that one out because it’s probably the most sought after to be learned so I figured why learn something everyone knows and go learn a less common language, yanno? anyway, like you said, you have some German and Italian (I’m pretty sure) in your heiritage, so I figured why not learn something related to you. I chose Italian over German because I like the way it sounds more and it’s less common that German, as well. (probably not the best reasons, oh well)
    anyway, go Italian!

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