This month’s pick reveals how much of a Disney nerd I really am.

The Imagineering Way: Ideas to Ignite Your Creativity by The Disney Imagineers is a pretty fantastic read. It never fails at making me smile. It inspires and motivates me every time I flip through it. I just love it. I’ve been reading it a lot lately…due to my secret announcement…[bwahaha].
Basically this book has a lot of little anecdotes, drawings, and quotes compiled by the Imagineers. For those who don’t know the Disney lingo, Imagineers are the people behind the attractions [rides, shows, etc.] in the Disney parks. The name comes from the word engineer [which most of them are] and imagination… Brilliant, yes?
Anyway, this book is in no way a novel, and I suppose can be catergorized as a “bathroom book” in the sense that it’s something you can just pick up and flip through. I, however, could never place it anywhere near a toilet. I actually have it on my desk right next to my Bible. So there you go. If you’re working on a project and hit a bump in the road [writer’s block, teamwork issues, feelings of defeat, anything] this book is a great pick me up.
10 out of 10. Fo sho.


One thought on “Book Review Monday: The Imagineering Way

  1. Sounds like a fun book to read. You make it sound so exciting! 🙂 Sometimes I loose my creativity and it gets drained and hard to pump up more juices per se. Good book review.

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