Sooo here are some interesting things that have happened lately:
-The Angels lost their game against Boston on Monday night, thusly eliminating them from the ALCS. [I said interesting, not happy or good]
-Today I was blindfolded and driven to an undisclosed location [which turned out to be Walmart] while Sara, Heidi, and Allison bought birthday party supplies [I think. I might have seen balloons, but I’m really not sure].
-Jeremy and I went to In-N-Out at like 12:30 in the morning last night. It was fun.
-Alan Rickman is pretty. But that’s not the point.
-Allison and I went to the Harvest Fair on Sunday. We bought finger puppets [ladies…] and Allison took pictures of a small child. She was so cute!
-We [the ladies of AS310] had a roommate meeting during which we straightened out some of the cleaning duties and Sara and Heidi made up an “inclusion rule” as I like to call it…which I think is really retarded but whatever. More on that later once it starts to really annoy me.
-I cleaned the kitchen today. It smelled all clean but then we got fast food and now it smells like grease.
-I bought some cupcakes from Sift. They were yummy.
-My birthday is tomorrow!



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