so my computer is no longer recognizing my CD drive. Not the CDs in the drive…the drive itself. Apparently it does not exist. But it does! Because I’m sitting here opening it and putting discs into it and closing it and trying to use the discs. Sims 2 doesn’t work…music CDs don’t work…and they work on other computers. My CD drive simply does not exist.
I went to the manufacturer’s site and there is nowhere to install drivers. So what the hell am I supposed to do? I suppose it’s not really an issue right now, I just won’t play the Sims or put any new music on my computer…but it kinda sucks. Especially since my first Bday gift of the year was a CD from Allison. That I cannot even listen to. blehhh.

Happy birthday to me…
[in approx 39 minutes]


2 thoughts on “technology hates me

  1. I’m so lost, are all of your clocks 30 minutes slow or are mine 30 minutes fast? Because you say “in 39 minutes” when it says it’s 9. Unless, like, you were born at 12:30am and you were counting down to that, then it’d make sense. Haha sorry this has become my main problem today. :p Happy birthday again!

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