that’s me!
I know that sounds a little negative but I’m just joshin y’all.
It’s my birthday.
I was having trouble sleeping, and at about 2:15 am [5:15 am in Michigan] Kristin called [and my phone scared the shit out of me] and we talked for about an hour and 5 minutes. That was lovely.
We discussed movies [Wall-E, Hamlet 2, and…um..maybe that was it], Spongebob, Mr. Tuttle, Obama & Co., McCain & Co., roommate annoyances, that stupid rule [and the high school-ness of it all], youtube videos, my hair looking retarded, Jeremy hitting me in the face, staying up ridiculously late, the phone message she left me last year, bunnies, allergies, my family’s financial situation, and the environment. [list non-inclusive] Not necessarily in that order. It was splendid. It really kicked off my bday in the best way possible. I miss that biotch, and we don’t get to talk as often as I’d like. That’s why I answered. Otherwise I might actually be asleep right now. But whatever. Sleep is for squares.
Then I watched the youtube video she reccomended. And others like it. They was gooood.
“Because I like high school girls, that’s why!”
Anyway, we were getting loopy on the phone so she went to sleep but now I can’t. So should I try to sleep? Or should I just stay awake and nap after my classes? Not that anyone is going to be able to answer this question.
Oh and before Kristin called I colored a bit and read some comics. Go me.


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