Here are the top ten reasons you should check out:

10. I told you to
9. You forgot about my birthday and need a belated gift idea [as in, if you forgot my birthday and click on this link I’ll forgive you…tee hee]
8. It’s my mom’s 50th birthday today and she would greatly appreciate it [maybe, I dunno really…but I need reasons]
7. You like musicals?
6. It’s so easy! Just click!!
5. I went through the trouble of figuring out this list…
4. This list of reasons is so lame that you pity me
3. Uhh… I’m pretty?
2. The banner on this website is pretty cool.
1. IT’S THE BIG ANNOUNCEMENT!!! [which is why I couldn’t be very specific with the reasons…I didn’t want to give anything away…why are you still reading this?!?! click the link already!!!]


2 thoughts on “Top Ten…

  1. really? but I kind of already assumed you were doing something like this. I thought this kind of project is what you meant everytime you said you were working on songs or composing.

    I feel underwhelmed. it’s an awesome idea, but I was kind of hoping for an announcement I didn’t already know about.

  2. Actually, you didn’t know about this.
    The other musical things are pretty much non-existant. They’re just stupid ideas that people throw at me. “Hey, you write music! Let’s write a musical about ______!” and then never bring it up again. Usually when I’m composing it’s for school or it’s a choir song.
    This is actually for real.
    And it’s a big fucking deal to me.

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