This time around the topic is “I’m Usually in a Good Mood or Being Myself When…” and I think that’s a pretty good topic. It doesn’t start up till Sunday but I’m already thinking about what I might write about…hm… and I really think that some of you [the friends who read this, that is] should participate. I know Nathan already plans to, and Nick is the one who introduced Nathan and I to this, but I think it’d be cool if we all did it. Sara especially, she likes topics. Anyway, I’m looking forward to it.
For more info check out the blog with the info over at Moments in Time.


7 thoughts on “synchroblog 2 is coming up…

  1. I kinda wanna get into this synchro-blogging thing, it’ll be something to do on those days when I can’t think of anything to write. Yay!

  2. Awesome! She is spreading helping to spread the word. I’m sure more people will participate this month. I’m sure it was a sign if you was thinking abut last night.

  3. response to your comment: yes ew!! and this is coming from a girl who rarely finds a book she doesn’t like. I have a fabulous english teacher, and the whole english department is in a tizzy over the damn thing, but i really can’t find appeal in it. it’s grotesque.

    maybe i believe it’s completely false and am disgusted that someone would even contemplate it.
    maybe i believe it’s what would happen, and i can’t stomach that.
    either way… me no like

  4. I’ve heard that music theory is a bitch here, so I’m not sure if I’d want to do that. A music lit minor is basically a music performance minor without the the theory: lessons, music in the humanities, and an ensemble, but with more electives instead of two semesters of theory. So since what I really want to do with music is less performing and more …well, that’s about it… then, yeah, I’m probably going to go with lit.

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