Here I am, 1:40 ish in the morning…
Feeling fat and gross.
In the living room.
Hearing clunks from my bedroom [someone keeps hitting the wall when he rolls over…]
Debating whether or not I should even type this since certain people might freak over a boy being in my bed. Even though I’m clearly not.
Humming ‘American Boy’ because it’s majorly stuck in my head.
Contemplating the possibility of churching it up tomorrow. And emailing Jacob.
Fuming at my mom reminding me to call her when I said “I’ll talk to you this weekend…” and the weekend isn’t over yet.
Debating whether or not I should type that last bit too, since someone is likely to freak out.
Wondering what that smell is.
Seriously considering developing an eating disorder. Just for shits and giggles.
Stressing about Hall of Fame stuffs.
Missing high school for the fact that I didn’t have to make big decisions back then. I thought I did at the time, but I was wrong.
Trying to think of more verbs for this list.
Realizing that she can write her synchroblog now…
Deciding that she may as well try sleeping.
Here’s to Saturday nights, livin’ the college life… Cheers.


3 thoughts on “I feel like I should say something

  1. Well don’t be so happy because your shining will blind me. I tell you a secret. Girls cares too much with their look. If I had a girlfriend I wouldn’t pick her because she is the most beautiful on Earth as long as she is not so ugly what I rather don’t describe. So as long as you are at least weak average looking you should not complain about stuff like that. On the other hand beauty and weight doesn’t mean the same thing so you don’t need to be stick girl to be nice. I don’t know how you look like so I don’t know how it is true for you.

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