This month’s topic is I’m usually in a good mood or being myself when…
I wish I could make a Venn diagram for this. I probably could, actually. It’d definitely be unique. But I’m lazy! So here we go with a list!

  • I am always being myself and usually in a good mood when I’m spending time with my parents.  It’s nice when we go out on a day trip or have plans for the evening.  I always enjoy going with them to movies, out to dinner, to live shows, the beach, etc.  Shopping can sometimes be fun too.  Unless I’m tired or it’s one of those days where nothing fits…that can lead to a stressful situation.  I remember one of the most fun I’ve ever had was when my mom and I went to see A Little Night Music and then went to Denny’s and afterward had a giggle fest at Walgreens.  It was a lot of fun.  My dad wasn’t there, but I have a lot of fun with him too.
  • To stem off of this parent idea, I also often enjoy chillin with the whole fam bam.  I like seeing all my cousins [well, most…the ones I’m close to] and aunts, uncles, grandparents, and other extended family from both my mom and dad’s sides.  I like when we just sit around and talk and catch up.  I love Christmas parties, and it makes me sad that less and less of the previous generations show up each year.  It’s just fun hearing the older people with their funny quips that they are totally allowed to say because they’re old.  It’s always full of laughs and awkward moments and booze.  Good times.
  • Watching musicals is an obvious choice for me.  They just make me happy. I like singing along, and swooning over that leading man, and watching the choreography.  It’s awesome.
  • Another obvious choice for me would be visiting Disneyland.  It really is the happiest place on Earth, as far as I’m concerned.  I can think of two instances where I was unhappy in Disneyland.  Two out of probably over 200.  So I think that’s a pretty good run.
  • Cooking is a big hobby of mine, and I really enjoy it when I have the time and the ingredients and the desire to do it.  Same goes for baking, it falls under that same category. 
  • I’m with my friends.  Which is pretty self-explanatory, I think.  They’re my friends, and they wouldn’t be if they didn’t make me happy.  So there.
  • I’m out shopping and I’ve found an article of clothing or outfit that I love and look awesome in.  And can you blame me?  That is one of the best feelings ever in the world.
  • I’ve finished a project [school related or otherwise].  It’s a good feeling.  Finishing an essay can be a great source of relief and happiness because, well, it’s done!  And when it comes to my musical [sorry for the shameless plug] it’s a great feeling to have finished some lyrics or a song or a bit of dialogue, because it’s something that I can be proud of, and then I get to share it with the world [or something] and hopefully have them love it too!  Yay happiness!

Anyway, I had something clever to say when ending this, but I forgot it.  So check out these other synchroblogs!


One thought on “Happy is what happens when… [synchroblog 2]

  1. I’m glad this is a topic that you enjoy writing about. Oh snap! A Venn Diagram would have been better. So much that makes you happy, but nevertheless there is joy in everything you do. Sometimes hanging out with my family too much can be overwhelming for me at times. I have an interest in some musicals, depending on the storyline and not a lot of unfocused material.

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