On Thursday, October 23rd, 2008 the Santiago High School Choir Hall of Fame 2008 Induction Ceremony took place. I was honored along with my bestie James Atkins. I shall recount the evening as the program dictates.
  • Welcome: My parents and I arrived right at 6:30, to the sound of the choirs warming up outside. They were doing ni-ahs. I cringed. I hate ni-ahs. A perfectly good warm up when placed correctly, but, sadly, high school students rarely do. And damage is done. But I digress. We went into the lobby [and almost got run over by whats-his-face…Kyle?] and I saw Mr. and Mrs. Pyle [who never recognizes me even though her daughter was once one of my best friends]. I walked into the room expecting to see James…and didn’t. I then greeted Mrs. Poitras and we all sat down. Mrs. Garrett came in [cue the dramatic music] and was all smiles. In her Garrett-like way. “Do you have your speech all ready?” “Nope!” “You know you have to fill 10 minutes, right?” “Nice try, Mrs. Garrett.” Oh, ha. She can be very Morrible-esque sometimes. Not evil, just extremely phony. Not that anyone knows what I mean. Anyway, we waited for James to show…and then I had to call him and he informed me that his family was making him late. Which I totally believe, actually. So we had to start without him. Mrs. Poitras [aka ‘Mom’] explained the history of Hall of Fame, what the qualifications are, and specified how James and I qualified.
  • Performance by the Santiago High School Choirs: Well, that is rather self-explanatory. But I’ll blather on about it anyway. Treble Ensemble was first [of course and as usual] and they sang..um..shit. I forget what they sang first. It was in Latin, and it was pretty. One of their Fall pieces, probably out of one of the Essential books. I know it had the word ‘laudate’ and the phrase ‘pax ominibus’ but I don’t remember what it was called. The next song was Nigra Sum, which I know somehow, but I’ve never performed it [have I?] and I cannot recall hearing it done by another school. The only conclusion I can come to is that I was considering it for my student director piece. Side note: Ryan’s younger sister is in Ensemble. I was afraid she would scowl at me. She didn’t. She has rather adorable glasses. Also, I did not know a single member of Ensemble [aside from said sister] and it was strange. How quickly students cycle through! After they filed out, Madrigals came in and sang three songs. I don’t remember any of them…oh wait yes I do. Ave Maria, the one Irish jig song, and a spiritual that I think was called Can I Ride? or something. Either that or Lord, If I Got My Ticket (Can I Ride?). The Ave was nice. Forgetable, but nice. Your typical pretty piece. Sara B. had a solo. The Irish number was interesting. I know they’re very proud of it, because it was written specifically for that choir, but I didn’t really like it much. They had these weird tube things, and then four of them came out and “danced” and it just didn’t gel for me. It was a weird song, all around. That’s not to say they did bad, they sang quite well as always, the song was just strange to me. And the spiritual PWNED YOUR FACE! Actually, Javell PWNED YOUR FACE with his awesome solo! Javell is Foodie #11 and he’s also the youngest. He’s kinda my baby. Haha. [Hey, he calls me Momma] And I was so proud of him! His voice has grown and matured so much since his freshman year in Jazz choir and he really was amazing. The rest of the choir was really good at being his back up too. Haha.
  • Dinner: So the food was served up buffett style. It was okay. Pasta salad, green salad, fruit salad, alfredo-ish pasta, lasagna, and slightly burnt garlic bread. That’s about all there is to it.
  • Greeting from Mrs. Karen Garrett, Choral Director: Yea. She talked again a bit about how Hall of Fame got started, and how many people have been inducted, yadda. Before James and I went up she talked about each of us, and between both of our little speeches she boasted about how great the choir program [well, the music program as a whole, really] is at SHS. It’s true. It rocks. Anyway, before she presented me with my plaque she said I was a really good musician. Go me. Her introduction for James was…coy. Haha. But it’s a long story and you’d pretty much have to be there for all four years of high school to understand why.
  • Recipient Speeches/Presentation of Awards: So I went first, which I really didn’t want to do, because that’s just how I am. Mrs. Garret Karen gave me my plaque and we posed for pictures for a few seconds. Then she said “Now Alissa is going to say a few words…” So I leaned toward the mic and said “A few words.” No, seriously. But then I kept talking and I really don’t know what all I said. I’m sure I repeated myself and talked in circles. I said I was going to Sonoma State and that I was considering switching from Music Education to Composition “so, yea…music theory!” I also pledged that Karen was not paying me to push music theory so much. I said [truthfully, no matter what my mom says] that if I had never been in choir at SHS I probably wouldn’t be so involved in music now, and I don’t know what I’d be doing at this point. I said that I have a lot of fond memories from my years in choir, and that if it weren’t for choir I wouldn’t have had the opportunities to experience a lot of things that I did get to experience through choir. That includes the trips [can you say San Fran, San Antonio, NYC?], the honor choirs, the friendships, the excuses to ditch class. Haha. And then I sat my butt down. Mrs. Garrett introduced James, and he talked about his experiences, where he is now, and remembered to thank Jesus [again, you had to be there].
  • Closing Song-Alma Mater: That about sums things up too. James, the choir members who stayed for dinner, and I all stood up and sang Santiago High School’s Alma Mater. A couple you may have heard me singing it around the dorm room. It gets stuck in my head a lot.
Afterward there was a lot of picture taking and chit-chatting and James, Elise, and I planned to meet up later [after changing] and bounced.
It’s weird, because I don’t feel especially pleased with or proud of myself. It is very cool that I got to be inducted with my best friend, the future Dr. Atkins, and it is nice that the progam is in place for the students who don’t take choir just for the easy A. Haha. It’s also pretty cool that I’m the first Ensemble member to be inducted, but every time that’s mentioned I’m reminded of the fact that I didn’t make Mads [sorry, kids, but that will always sting me]. But I hope that it also reminds Mrs. Garrett that I really should have made it. And to the returners in Mads who didn’t want me to make it, and who were hating on me after call backs…too bad you couldn’t make it last night…it’s a shame you weren’t invited…oh, and…suck my dick. šŸ™‚
Because I’m an official hall-of-famer now!

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