After Hall of Fame on Thursday night, my parents drove Elise home and I came back to change out of my skirt/tights and uncomfy shoes.  [yay jeans!]  Then I got a bit distracted and started talking politics with my parents.  It was fun and pretty interesting.  My dad is conservative, as always, but more in a financial and foreign policy sort of way.  Socially, he’s really not.  Anyway, after that I met up with James and Elise at Denny’s and ate some yum yums.  French toast and cheese fries.  Haha.  Afterwards we sat in the car in the parking lot deciding what to do.  Then we drove around.  At about 12:15 Elise had to pee, so we went to Vons but they were closed because they suck at life.  They were open 24 hours over the summer but I guess they changed their minds.  Then we went to Walmart and used the restroom and bought candy.  Yay!  Then…I don’t know, we just drove around some more.  It was fun though.  It was nice to see James and spend time with him and Elise.  I’m really gonna miss Corona.


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