Friday my parents and I went to Oak Glen [Apple Country] for the day and enjoyed some delicious…ness.  Apple Country is this place in San Bernadino county [up on a mountain] and there are apple orchards all over the place up there.  The family [like, the extended family] used to go up there every year.  Lots of childhood memories by the old school house, or at Los Rios, Snowline, and in town at the candy shop.  So it was nice to go up again, it’s been about three years, which is a long time for me, considering I used to go every October.  Anyway, we went to town first and got some rocks, and visited some deer, and purchased some candy and a caramel apple.  Afterward we went to Snowline and got some apple donuts.  Words cannot describe how delicious they are.  Just…yum.  Mmmmmm I want some so badly!  Then we went to lunch at Los Rios and bought apple butter.  Very yummmmmmy.  Then we went home.  Dad and I made chili chicken while my mom went to a memorial.  After we all ate Snick and I decided to go out and PARTAY.  We were gonna go bowling but then decided not to and ended up driving around for a long while.  Then we went to Nick’s and looked up a karoake bar.  We joyfully travelled to said bar, but no one was actually doing karaoke, so we bounced.  We somehow ended up at the Crossings…so we went to BJs and had a pizookie.  And it was good.


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