Well folks, here we go.
I’m leaving.
This will be my last semester at Sonoma State University, for pretty much ever, more than likely. 
No, I’m not transferring to CSUF.  I wish.  I’m not transferring anywhere…not for a long while anyway
I’m kissing higher education goodbye for about a year.  With the exception of maybe one or two classes at a JC.  I’ll still be in Norcal, which is cool, since I’ll get to still be with the SSU gang [socially, that is] but that also means I may not be able to see Markis or Kristin for quite some time, since they go to schools far away and only have winter breaks, which will undoubtably be spent in Corona with their families.  It will be a bit easier to see James since he will be in Socal, but I still probably won’t see him until March.  So it’s cool that I’ll be up here, but it also really sucks.  The three people I’m closest to in the whole wide world, apart from Jeremy, will be out of my reach for quite some time.  That makes me sad.  It also makes me a little sad to have to move back in with my parents, who will be moving to NorCal soon.  It’s sad for multiple reasons…  I love my parents to death but I’m going to miss the freedom of making my own choices on a daily basis and just taking care of things myself without them reminding me about it.  I’m really not looking forward to lists.  My dad loves writing lists for me.  And I hate it.  I know what I have to do, he doesn’t need to write me an agenda.  It also makes me sad because they’re selling the house in Corona.  I mean, I consider that where I grew up.  Sure, I lived in Orange longer, technically speaking, but I really became who I am today in Corona.  And I love that house.  So I’m sad to see it go.  My mom sent me a pic of the for sale sign in the yard today and it made me a little upset.  Not only that, but now I have nowhere to go when I want to visit southern California.  Which essentially means I won’t be visiting Socal.  Period. 
Anyway…that’s enough gloom and doom for now.  Just wanted to update you on why I keep making remarks about not being around. 


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