shut the fuck up.
how many times do I have to remind you that my blog does not revolve around your existance.
guess who is giving me the silent treatment…not you.
guess how long I’ve been dealing with incidents related to the jaywalking one [which was simply the most recent and so I used it as an example]…about 8 years.  with lots of different people.
guess who likes to argue about opinions…pretty much fucking everybody.  it’s a general rule that it annoys the hell out of me, regardless who does it.  thats part of the reason politics is not favorite thing in the world.
and, no Sara, even this blog is not entirely about you.  Unfortunately you are the only one who has documented evidence of your response on my blog, well Jeremy too but he didn’t really say much, but other people have already gotten on me about it.
Also please note that I wrote that at like 6 in the morning [or something, I don’t even know] after getting virtually no sleep and being in pain all night.  I was in a pissy mood anyway.
I swear to God I’m gonna delete this fucking blog if people keep assuming shit and then jumping down my throat. 
Most of the stuff this refers to has nothing to do with anyone who reads this blog.  In fact, a lot of it has to do with people who don’t even know this blog exists. 
Again, Happy freakin Halloween.


One thought on “okay people

  1. aw poor alissa, sounds like you had a crappy day/night *hugs* i know what you mean, i’ve so felt like that before, and it is your blog, you should say whatever the fuck you want on it. well thats my two cents *shrugs* take it or leave, idc

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