• being kept up all night but a nasty stomach ache and then discovering that it’s your time of the month…then getting cramps.  especially when its the night before Halloween and you may be up late later.
  • Windows Task Manager simply refusing to close. 
  • being told who I have to hang out with, or that I have to be friends with someone that, frankly, I’m not that close to.  this is college.  [read: not high school] cliques are over and done with, kids.
  • people ditching me when I’m having a panic attack, especially during situations that I have repeatedly stated give me panic attacks. 
    • this goes beyond ditching me at haunted houses, or mazes…it can be small stuff too.  like jaywalking.  if you were having a panic attack and crying [btw, I was crying], would you want your friends to run off and then shout things back at you?  would you consider those people your friends?
    • consider this: you have told the same story explaining your irrational fear of something ridiculous so many times, you are surprised people aren’t constantly telling you to shut up.  then that situation that irrationally scares the shit out of you comes up, and everyone “forgets” that you are scared shitless of that particular situation.  I personally take that as people either blowing off everything I say as exaggeration, or simply not listening to me.  I don’t really appreciate either of those things.
  • and this one is preemptive: people telling me I took a certain situation too seriously, or was overly upset about it.  guess what?  chances are you don’t know the whole situation, or the background behind my reaction. [especially if you’re the one who doesn’t listen]
  • arguing over opinions.  sure, in certain situations you can’t do anything but argue over opinions [for example, Prop 8…all anyone is doing is arguing over opinions, really, and thats not gonna change anyone’s mind, unless they are undecided] but most of the time it just should not happen.  For example: Party A likes tomatoes, Party B does not.  Party A does not like ketchup, while Party B does.  Do you think that arguing over tastes [especially when it comes to food] is going to change either party’s mind?  You can question the reasons Party B dislikes tomatoes all you want, but the fact of the matter is…Party B does not like tomatoes.  Get over it.  There are more important things in the world than mexican food. [I hope Nathan knows what I mean]
  • the silent treatment.  again, this is college.  NOT high school.  and I’m pretty sure the silent treatment was lame in high school too anyway.  if you have a beef with me or anybody else…maybe take a few minutes to breathe, if you really are that angry, and then fucking talk to me about it.  you ignoring me [especially if I don’t know why you’re mad] is just gonna piss me off, and how the hell am [are] I [we] supposed to fix the problem if you won’t talk to me about it, hm?
  • one-track-minded perverted assholes.  I think you get it.
I’m pretty sure there’s more out there in the world, but thats all for now.  Happy freakin Halloween.

4 thoughts on “things I do not appreciate

  1. that sucks. and explains the cartoons.

    i thought that cliques being over and done with meant that people would be more open to other people for friendships, not increase exclusiveness.

    I want to personally apologize for the jaywalking thing. I for one had no idea that was a problem for you, but now I do, and I’m sorry that it upset you so much.

    if something upsets you (ie the jaywalking) then that’s your responsibility. you know these things upset you, so isn’t it your place to try and prevent them or deal with them like a responsible adult and not make the whole group feel like shit for upsetting you?

    and it’s not that people are ignoring you when you tell them things that scare you, it’s just that no one is going to make it a priority to remember stuff like that. it’s just not on the radar. so unless you tell people as the situation arises, nothing can be done about it.

    and not every reaction to every stiuation is justified. people overreact and take things too seriously all the time. no one is always right. that includes you.

    some people like the discussion. they enjoy the argument, the talking and forming ideas and communicating. it’s fun. especially about harmless things like tomatoes.

    i don’t understand the problem with the silent treatment. not every personal beef with someone else needs to be discussed. sometimes people just need to shut up until it blows over and life can go on. sometimes the mature and responsible thing is the silent treatment.

    and not everyone is good with confrontations. i for one have a difficult time approaching you about things. I feel like we each can’t effectively explain our positions without the situation escalalting. we discuss in such different ways that I think you’re yelling when you aren’t, you think I’m snapping when I’m not, and both of us leave the discussion unsatisfied. I’d much rather bypass all that, go for the silent treatment for a while, and get over it on my own. it’s easier, you know?

    I realize the easy path isn’t always the best path, but it takes a lot for me to avoid a confrontation (a story I’ll tell later if you care to hear it) so I’ve grown to choose the silent treament.

    I agree with hating the one track mind preverted assholes though. very much.

  2. well, the silent treatment is something I’ve always remembered as an elementary school thing where one ignores another person because they don’t like them. that’s what I thought.
    maybe the “silent treatment” isn’t the right word for this situation. there are times when I get into an arguement with someone and I really don’t want to talk about it becuase I’d end up still angry at the end of discussing it. I’m not good with making my point, so sometimes not saying anything is a better thing to do because maybe after talking about it, one still wouldn’t be satisfied.
    at least that’s what happens with me sometimes.

  3. Sara, not to argue, but I tried to say that I didn’t feel comfortable…everyone ran off before I got the chance. Allison might have heard a bit of it, but seriously, y’all were gone in half a second. if I made y’all feel like shit, I apologize, but I didn’t want to talk at the moment because I was on the verge of tears and I didn’t want it to go that far. You know how when you’re about to cry talking makes it worse, even if you’re talking about something entirely different?
    ps: never said I was always right.

  4. pps: if someone says something to you, and you right out ignore them, that’s the silent treatment. that’s what I mean. and it’s immature.

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