Attend the 39th Annual San Francisco LGBT Pride Celebration & Parade 2009
I think it’d be awesome if James and my other LGBT [and supportive] buddies and I all went to SF for the weekend and participated. It’s June 27th-28th. And it would be so much fun. That is all.

ps: I’m not necessarily asking anyone who I know in real life to go with me. If you want to go, you’re invited. If you’re uncomfortable with the idea, then don’t worry about it. I’m not gonna try to coerce people into going along with this idea. And if you don’t want to go, in no way would I hold that against any of you.


5 thoughts on “this is what I want to do this summer

  1. Woohoo! Let’s go. Or something. Though I might use my free Southwest flight on going somewhere like Chicago or Florida…undecided!

  2. and besides LGBT people are fun to hang out with, almost as much fun as musical theatre majors (trust me, NEVER a dull moment with musical theatre majors) and definitely to support their LGBT friends and family members

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