This past weekend has been pretty amazing. Fabulous. Etc.
I know it’s Wednesday, but…thats just how amazing the weekend was.
So many great things happened I can hardly remember Friday. Haha.
Which was also fun, btw.
So yea, Friday I went with Jeremy and his parents [and Justin, Ashley, and Nathan] to his cousin’s high school play. It was Shakespeare’s Comedy of Errors. It was pretty good, it was cute…it was a high school play. But I enjoyed it.
Then we got back and I walked back to Beaujolais, and discovered that all the lights were off in the parking lot, and it was really foggy. And I was kinda creeped out. It was…creepy.
Saturday I worked 9 to 5 and it was a really good shift. It was kinda boring because I actually never had a task, but it was really easy to stay busy [or at least look busy] and I talked to some really cool customers and met a couple co-workers. And I was there for 8 hours but it certainly did not feel that long.
After work I went to Todd and Debbies and had dinner and we watched Singing in the Rain and enjoyed some ice cream. It was fun, and we talked about some apartments up here for my parents. Which reminds me, I need to go apartment shopping for them. Maybe this weekend. Anyone care to join me?
Sunday I don’t think we did anything. I didn’t, anyway. I was tired, and slept in. I’m pretty sure I just chilled at home. Then Jeremy got back from his house and we hung out for a bit. There was a bit of a moment, which I’m not going to go into now, or ever, but all in all it was a good night and I’m kinda glad the moment happened, in a weird way. But enough about that.
Monday Allison and I went to choir, which was cancelled…so I was done with class for the day. Then we went to the movies and saw Zach and Miri Make a Porno and Role Models. Zach and Miri was good, but not quite as good as I had hoped. I did enjoy it though. It made me want to get with a fluffy dude. Haha. But not make a porno.
Role Models, however, was fucking hilarious. I got so into this movie. I probably embarassed Allison with my enthusiasm. But oh well. It was so good. I highly reccomend it.
Tuesday Allison and I went to Borders and had a grand ole time. And Tuesday night was Tim Babb’s show in Davis. It was a splendid evening. I met up with my good friend Clint there, he goes to UC Davis, and I was extremely happy to see him. He and I have been friends for about 5 years now and not seeing him since July was sad. He’s a fellow foodie as well. Hopefully he and I will get the chance to hang out again sometime sooner rather than later.
Tim was very funny, as usual, and after the show we all talked for about a million years. Or maybe two hours. And I slapped the Babb. So HAH! 😉 It was good times. Then on the way back I almost ran out of gas and we tried to find a gas station but two of them were fucking closed. What the hell is up with that? Gas stations are 24 hour establishments. Duh. But we found a Shell station soon enough and I got some gas. Hopefully I didn’t overdraw on my account. I probably did tho. Meh. So we eventually got back to school at like 2 in the morning.
All in all a good like 5 day weekend.


One thought on “the best of times

  1. I liked Zack and Miri. Then again, it’s the first movie I’ve seen in theaters since, like…June. So maybe I liked the experience.

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