You know that blog I linked to previously about being invincible? Well he/she/they have a Thanksgiving assignment for us all. It’s time to really sincerely let those in your life who you’re thankful know how much you love and appreciate them. I know for shure I’m participating. I have my seven people listed… mostly family members, because I’m very open with my friends for the most part about these sorts of things. It’s just easier for me to call up a buddy and tell them I love them then to tell my Dad I appreciate him, yanno? So I figured that I would take advantage of me forcing myself to share my emotions by writing to people I don’t talk to as much or something.
Anyway, if you have time to do this, you should. I just finished my first one and I already feel really good about it. So yea. Uh. Click the link, participate, make this Thanksgiving about more than mass quantities of traditional food.


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