discussing Seinfeld

Mr. Noodle: Yes. I’m 11 episodes away from finishing the entire series. That’ll be my biggest accomplishment this quarter

Piggy: Damn. The only thing I remember about the final episode [I watched it with my parents waaay back in the day] is the song they play during the traditional cheesy montage.

Piggy: Which is why Green Day has lost all punk cred to me.

Mr. Noodle: Ugh there’s a montage? That sounds lame

Mr. Noodle: It’s like a half assed clip show

Piggy: You know, the whole “Let’s look back at all the good times we had.” kind of thing.

Mr. Noodle: -_-

Piggy: And I don’t remember the montage, so I can’t measure it’s lameness.

Piggy: But the song is Good Riddance.

Piggy: So that should be a good indicator.

Piggy: I recall the episode being funny and clever though.

Piggy: Kinda like Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows…it was awesome, if you didn’t read the epilogue.

continuing the discussion of Harry Potter, which Mr. Noodle has never read

Mr. Noodle: Wow. That would’ve been a nice childhood memory. Oops

Mr. Noodle: Is it true Hermione turns out to be a dude?

That’s all for now, I’m sure I’ll end up copy/pasting more of it, assuming Mr. Noodle doesn’t mind.  I found quite a bit of it to be humorous.  But that might just be because I was a part of the conversation.  Yes, I’m Piggy.  Don’t ask.  I hardly remember myself, and it really wouldn’t make much sense to anybody else.  It’s not really that funny of a story either, especially to those who haven’t known us since 8th grade.

Have a happy Sunday!


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