1. Do you like Thanksgiving? Why/why not?

Eh.  I do when I’m back home with the Browns.  Less drama.  This year…it hasn’t even happened yet and I’m already sick of it.  Tonight I was at Todd and Debbie’s with my parents and we were all talking about recent events in the family [ie: Chris/Pam/Kayla, Grandma Sandy] and we were already getting all riled up and pissed off and stuff.  I had to hold back tears of frustration more than once.  And tomorrow Grandma Sandy and Jim are gonna be there, and things are gonna be awkward, and theres a list of certain topics that we really have to avoid with her or else arguments will happen.  It’s just gonna be tough.  It’d probably be better if Grandma wasn’t there, sadly.  That’s horrible of me to say, but it’s true.  It’s like walking on eggshells around her.  But not for reasons you’d think.
It doesn’t help that I really just wanna go home.

2. What was a typical Thanksgiving like when you were growing up?
Well most of the Thanksgivings I remember were pretty shweet and routine.  It’d be the Browns and the Clarks, and we’d either cook at home or go out to a restaurant [because some years we’re lazy, we’d pretty much alternate every year] and talk and cavort and then we’d all gather at the nearest residence and huddle over the newspaper to figure out which movies we were gonna see at which times, etc.  Then we would movie it up. 
Oh and sometimes in the morning [more when I was younger] my dad and I would watch the parade.  When I got older I started sleeping in more though.

3. Are you looking forward to this year’s holiday season? Why/why not?
Well…no.  Not as much as I usually do.
1. I have no money.  It makes me feel bad that I won’t be able to get anybody anything.  So nobody get me anything.  Because I can’t return the favor, and I don’t want anything but a job anyway.  Ugh.  So that sucks.
2. The whole moving thing is really starting to get to me [about time, I guess] and it’s putting a damper on my Christmas spirit.  Every time I even think about the holidays I start crying over the current situation.  Like right now. 
So all in all, no.  Not this year.  Next year when things are settled again I’m sure I’ll be back in my usual holiday mood, but 2008 is a bust. 
It’s sad, because I’m usually ridiculously Christmas-y.  Usually my holiday cheer annoys the crap out of those around me.  And this year I’m Scrooge-tastic.


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