I was just in the kitchen to put away my midnite/2am snack and the STOVE was on.  I know it’s not gas, so the chances of things catching on fire are slim to none, but there was a pan on the stove, with a sausage in it [no joke] and if the sausage had started burning or something and set off the fire alarm…yea… that would have sucked.  There were also some more dishes sitting around on the stove and counter.  I don’t mind dishes in the sink for the most part, but I don’t want them just sitting out.  At 2 in the morning.
Although it would have been even messier if my mom hadn’t come over on Saturday and started compulsively cleaning.  I told her not to, since they were dishes that people had left out when they left on Monday, and I was refusing to clean them.  I figure if the rule is to clean up your shit before you go to bed, it should apply to leaving for 6 days.   Mhm.
Anyway, the only reason I’m awake right now is because I didn’t get any sleep last night [chronic pain will do that to ya sometimes] and then by the time the pain went away it was like 8am, and I was feeling ill [yea I dunno what that was about] and so I just slept for…uh…the whole day, and then I layed in bed til 4:30 or something, and now I’m like wide awake.  Also the pain is back.  So yea.  I’m awake.  And listening to TANcast.  Which probably isn’t good for my mental health.
Ugh.  Now my arm is bleeding.


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