this may seem odd.  but I just don’t really want to be anywhere but my bedroom.  I have everything I need in here anyway.  Food.  A bathroom.  The internet.  My keyboard.  Yup. 
I’m just really bleh today.
I actually just remembered its registration for all you cool kids with futures.  I also just remembered I was gonna help out Allison.  Shit.
Anyway, yea.  I have every intention of staying holed up in my room today.  Being a depressed loser can be fun!  Right?


2 thoughts on “I don’t feel the need to leave my room today

  1. cause depressed and fun so belong in the same sentence, good job, then again, i’ve had days like that, usually one days i HAVE to leave my room for classes or something, it sucks

  2. totally understandable. if you run out of supplies, knock three times and we’ll slide cooked ramen noodles under the door.

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