This is what Christmas should be, and how it always has been with my family. Maybe not so specifically, but the general vibe of this video anyway.
This year will be different, I’m sure. Due to…circumstances.
But, let us assume that I will be home with my parents rather than up here as an inconvenient house guest.
Well, I don’t know if we’ll be having a party. The Browns may come over for a bit, but I don’t know for sure if Todd and Debbie will be coming down. Either way, I don’t think it’ll feel like much of a party. I’m used to the Christmas parties including such characters as Aunt Barb and Uncle Bill, Grandma Sandy and Jim, friends of all the young people (I tend to have Kristin and/or [insert current boyfriend here] at the house, and the Brown boys used to bring friends too), and then every year there are guests that represent the times… Like Jeramy (Nick, did I spell his name right?) Lopez and his family, Jenny and her family, Sean’s buddies Matt and Rudy or someone, or even Courtney’s friend Tabatha that one random year. And if you delve even further into Christmas Past, you’d find maybe the Handfields (Shelby running around pretending to be a Pokemon), or Gramma Max… I don’t know, maybe it’s because we used to have the party in Aunt Barbs tiny house but it always seemed way more crowded back then. And it’s always loud.
That’s why every year as I get older Christmas becomes a little bit sadder. Because to me Christmas means getting everyone together and spending time together eating good food, talking over each other, laughing, and, in some cases, drinking, our full. And the fact that we were able to bring friends and have them mesh perfectly with the family was always a great source of joy to me. So when less and less people come, for various reasons, I get a little down. I still have fun, and I still enjoy everyone’s company and our little traditions, but sometimes I just wish that the people I miss were there to share it with us all.
But that’s just the party.
Christmas Eve is usually just a quiet night. My mom will make something special. Not fancy, just something that she has to do a little extra prep for that we all like and don’t get that often. Then we hang out by the tree and open the presents from my dad’s side of the family, in Washington. Other than the gifts, it’s a pretty normal night.
Christmas day used to consist of me doing the usual waking up ridiculously early and jumping on my parents to wake them up, etc. Recently I just sleep till whenever. Sometimes my dad wakes me up. Which is kinda funny, but also kinda not…since he loves to wake me up every day anyway. Then my dad and I will putz around a bit and maybe watch the parade or something and kinda chill before my mom wakes up. Then we’ll all open presents (and we are strong believers in taking turns, btw) and take way too many pictures and have to herd the animals out of the way every two seconds. Eventually we’ll have breakfast…some years we actually make breakfast and some years we don’t. Last year we had pancakes.

please excuse my half asleep face

Then there’s the phone call from Washington, traditionally Opa would call and ask “Hey girl, what’s for breakfast?”. I’m gonna miss that this year. We might also get a phone call from Eric(k?) in Austria, my dad’s friend from high school. Being 11 hours ahead of us, he’s usually drunk. It’s good times.
We also go out with the Browns to a movie. It used to be that the men and older boys would go see some guy movie while Aunt Laura, Mom, Brendan, Nick, and myself would see some kids movie. Over the years we just kinda go see whatever we want. Last year Dad saw a movie by himself. It’s a challenge coordinating movie times but it works out.
After the movie the Browns come over and we exchange a few more gifts that we didn’t want the whole family to see. Haha.

[random thought: this topic was waaaay too broad for me. There are so many things I could say about the season of Christmas!]

To sum up (sorry this was so long): Christmas to me is about being cozy, being with family, friends who are like family, and the ones you love. It’s about sharing the best of yourself with those you care about and deserve the best of you…because those are often the people who deal with the worst of you. Think about it, when you come home after a shitty day at school or work, who deals with it? Your boyfriend/girlfriend, parents, siblings, friends/roommates. But when you’re out during the day dealing with all the things that put you in that bad mood (coworkers, your boss, school work, classmates, teachers, etc.) you just ignore it and act like it’s all good. And the holidays are the time that the people who deserve the best of you get to see that side of you. Sadly the holiday season is getting more and more stressful as the focus is put on the wrong factors. It’s not about the must-have toy or gadget. It’s not about the perfect decorations. It’s about showing genuine appreciation and care for the people who make your life the great life that it is.
So…Merry Christmas my readers and friends. ❤


One thought on “Synchroblog: Christmas Season

  1. Merry Christmas! I really enjoyed reading about how Christmas is like with your family. The story got me a little emotional. The topic was too broad, but it does allow you to really put thought into what you are writing.

    I do like how you ended the post on the what we should really focus on during this season. Christmas is about being thankful for being able to spend time with family and friends while school is out for semester break and making catching up with our lives and being able to relax. The true meaning of Christmas is within your heart.

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