Dear Santa,
I know I’m a little late in writing this. You’ve certainly already left for your yearly route, and even if I had sent this a bit earlier, this request would probably take quite a bit of time to fulfill. Assuming I was good this year.
Anyway, I guess I should just tell you what I want this year. It’s a bit awkward, I know…I haven’t written in a long time. I feel like it’s rude to ignore you for so long and then just ask for a pretty huge favor like this. I should be asking you how you and the misses are…but we both know you won’t respond so I won’t bother with being polite this time around. This year for Christmas, I want quite a bit actually. I want it to actually feel like Christmas, for one. Here I am at 12:37 Christmas morning, and I still don’t feel like it’s the Christmas season. So that’d be nice. Also, I’d like things to make a little more sense. I know I can’t have all the answers…but life is just a little too confusing and crazy these days. So a little more normalcy would be appreciated.
Another thing I’d love, maybe as a stocking stuffer, is some proof that money isn’t everything. Every day I find myself becoming more and more focused on it (can you blame me?) and I miss knowing that life was just about money, or that if you didn’t have a lot of it other things would fall into place, if you were a good person and all that. I’m not sure I believe that anymore. But I want to believe it.
All in all, I’d like things to work. More to the point, I’d like life to work. I know it’ll never be perfect. I know that I’ll have to make choices soon that will affect some all aspects of my life, but once those choices are made and the dust has settled, I’d like things to work. No matter where I’m living, where/how much I’m working, whether or not I can go to school anytime soon, I just want it to work out. I don’t need to afford my 21st bday trip to WDW. I can sacrifice that. I can sacrifice free time. I can sacrifice the home that I love. I can sacrifice being close to Jeremy if it comes to that. I just want it to work. Whatever it happens to be.
I want people to know that I’m thinking of them this Christmas. You know who they are. I know who they are. With your help they’ll know who they are. Some of them I miss, some of them I don’t really. I just can’t help but wish them the best, and care about them, no matter how much they don’t deserve it. (This goes for two people right now) And I hope that they know that. And then there are the ones who do deserve it and that I haven’t been good about keeping in touch with. There a bunch of people that fall into that category. The Heins (my siblings), the Kozinskis (my biological great grandparents), the Bendixens, Jacob, Brad, the Englands, etc.
And the winning Lotto ticket would be nice too. Money might not be anything, but we all know it helps.
I understand if I can’t get all of this Santa. But it’s Christmas so I figured I’d ask.
Best wishes,


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