Be sure to read everything if you haven’t already, or else the updates won’t make sense.

UPDATE #3 (1/2/09): We sent the paperwork accepting the offer on the house this morning. Now all that’s left is for the buyers to initial here…here…and here. And sign here. Still no word on the job.

UPDATE #2 (12/31/08): Well everything seems to happen all at once these days. Two updates in one day. I told you stuff changes quickly around here. Okay, here we go… My dad called from his interview (well, after his interview) and apparently it’s down to him and one other person. He has to take a drug test. He’s pretty sure he got it though, since the HR people were welcoming him to the company. Any my mom told him about the apartment stuff going thru. And then my dad says maybe we won’t move, because this job might pay well enough. My mom just kinda lets it go, although her and I just wanna get the move over with. I would rather live in an apartment we can afford and still maintain our style of living then have to constantly be under living in this house. As much as I love this house, the apartment just makes sense. On top of that, my mom and I have been getting in the mindset for the move. I was actually kinda looking forward to it a bit. I mean, right by the Browns, and they’re nice apartments. And I’d finally get the pool I’ve wanted since I was 6. Kinda. Haha. Anyway, I’m rambling. After my mom hangs up with my dad, her and I talk about all that stuff I just said. Then our realtor, John, calls the house, and neither of us answer because we don’t know what Dad wants to do yet. He leaves a message. The buyers have pretty much accepted our counter-offer with one little change. So…yea. This all happened within an hour. It’s crazy.

UPDATE (12/31/08): Today the lady (I think her official title is “community adviser” or something equally dorky) at the apartments called and we were approved for the move-in date of January 10th. So according to my mom we’re moving. My dad might not agree with her, but he’s not home right now, he’s at a job interview, so we’ll see.

Original Post (12/30/08):
Hullo!  So I realize I haven’t been keep everyone entirely up-to-date these days on what’s going on over here in Corona…concerning the house and jobs and whatnot.
Part of that is because, well, it seems a little weird to call everyone and tell what is happening.  Just like how I didn’t tell half my friends that Opa died.  It seemed weird to just call Kristin or anyone up and say “Oh hey, my grandpa died, just calling to let you know!”  So yea.  Not that anything that is happening here is bad news necessarily (altho some of you might take it as such) and no one has died.  But still.  It’s a random thing to call about.  And it’s usually too long to explain in a text, aside from little snippets.  And I also feel like when I text little snippets like that I’m either going to annoy people or that start asking questions that I can’t answer via text message.  Do you see my dilemma?
And even if that weren’t the case…the situation around here changes every day.  Seriously.  So if I tell Allison something today, it might be different from what I told Jeremy yesterday, and different from what I tell Nathan tomorrow.  Then there’s mass confusion when different people are thinking different things…and, again, I’m not about to call everyone every day.  And don’t feel bad Norcal people, the Socal people don’t know any more than you do, with the exception of Nick, but he’s related to me so he can’t help but know my business.  Haha.  But James and Markis and Kristin?  Clueless.  John knows a bit more than them because he’s really the only person I have conversations with pretty much every day, because we both stay up waaaaaaaaay too late and chat.  So it’s not just you my dear long-distance friends.  It’s everyone.
(Actually, Todd and Debbie don’t entirely know everything either, so that’ll be fun…)
So basically, all I can do in this blog is tell you what the situation is right now at this very moment.  It can change in two hours for all I know.  But as of right now, this is how it is:

  • The house is still for sale, we got an offer last week sometime and it was a really low offer.  We sent the counter-offer yesterday.
  • My mom is still working at the library, and my dad has had a few interviews (he currently has a couple prospective jobs that he’s trying to get right now), but he still has not found work in Norcal or Socal.
  • I’m looking for a job (I have my sights set on either Disneyland or as an assistant at a local event planning agency) and I don’t plan on starting school again until I know exactly where I’m going to be.  No point in starting school here if I might have to move out of the area in the middle of the term.
  • We found an apartment in Riverside in the same apartment community/building/complex/whatever you want to call it that the Brown’s live in.  Just like old times at the Gables, eh Nick?
  • Yesterday we filled out our renter’s applications and paid the security deposit, reserving said apartment.  If that all goes thru, we can move in January 10th.
  • If the buyers accept our counter-offer, we’ll go into escrow and we’ll be out of the house by the 26th of January.  My mom and I plan to start moving out as soon as possible, because neither of us want just one big moving day.

That’s that folks.  If you have any questions, go ahead and leave a comment and I’ll answer them in either a separate blog or in an edited/updated version of this post.


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