So this post doesn’t really have a direction as of yet. I just recorded and uploaded a video for youtube, which maybe I’ll post once it’s done processing… and it discussed some resolutions and whatnot. Basically they are to eat healthier and exercise more with the hopes of losing weight, be more girly by wearing makeup, actually doing my hair, caring about my clothes, etc., and getting my life back on track after these few setbacks that have come up over the past few months.
But enough of all that! Time to fill you in an all the AWESOME that has been going on since I got back. Life might be tough but I’m tired of being miss doom and gloom over here. I haven’t just been moping in my room and dealing with house stuff the whole time I’ve been gone, I promise!
Okay so over the past two weeks I have hung out with Allison, seen Matt, made a LOT of baked goods, gone shopping, hung out with Foodies and friends, eaten good food, danced a bit, scared Kristin with talk of sex, tried a cigarette (one puff one time and never again unless Pham still insists that it’s invalid), gone to a LAN party (and loved it), gotten lost at Glen Ivy, almost hit a man/sign (James thought it was a man. It was a sign.), danced like nobody was watching, touched crotches at In-N-Out, fallen in love (just kidding), had a few drinks, watched a couple good movies, played board games, gotten in trouble more than once, done my makeup, ditched a waiter, played truth or dare, shoved my thumb in Pham’s back, gotten re-acquainted with my inner geek (she’s been hiding since like 9th grade), made french toast, made better french toast, tried on silly hats and glasses, belted showtunes, been called by Best Buy asking me to come in the next day (ha), argued over pizza toppings, made rice, farted at least once, and started to realize which of my friends are the ones who really will always be my friends, no matter how much time is spent not being in touch or whatever. (warning: this next bit gets sappy…)

Pham (Mr. Noodle) and I have been pals since 7th grade. We did that dating thing (as much as an 8th grader can) for about 5 months and 8 days…and then maybe 4 months later we went another round, lasting about a month. If I recall correctly. After that was summer, we didn’t really talk. Then high school. Things were okay but awkward. Then everyone started figuring out their place in the social ranks of high school and so we were still in pretty much the same group, but there was some overlap and also some separation. And not just for Pham, but for Roy too. Then there was some stuff goin on with Roy that was all ridiculous (this is 10th grade now) and that kinda put a bit of a divide between Pham and I. By senior year we were certainly friends again but not close ones really and it came together a little late in the game. Next thing you know, college. We hardly talked and the last time I saw Pham before this break was summer before college. So it’s been quite some time. And we IMed occasionally here and there but not until recently did we start talking regularly. He knows that the initial reason I struck up conversation with him weren’t exactly honorable, but it doesn’t matter because after all the talking and planning…we actually hung out. Yay! And Jon was there too! zomg! And it was fun. And then we hung out again (for 12 hours). And again. And again. And after spending that much time with Pham I have come to realize that he is one of those friends that will always be my friend. The kind that people talk about in movies and books…the cliche friend who will always be your friend, no matter how much time passes.  The friend who you call out of the blue one day after not talking for ages and talk for an hour on the phone like nothing changed.  The friend you run into in the grocery store who you haven’t seen in years and end up going to lunch and joining each others book club and picking up right where you left off.  John is that friend.  And that makes me so happy.  Because he is a good friend.  Stubborn and often crass, but he is a good great friend.  Basically, this break has been fabulous really because of reconnecting with John.

And if that mushy crap up there doesn’t prove that I deserve my title of #1 Fan then you can suck it, world.


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