The Gang

this is the ‘frisbee crew’.  they’re mostly jke’s friends.  but those foolios are all on their missions now.  these were the only Mormon friends I had aside from Jke.  I miss them muchly.  And those lucky duckies all got to go to the MTC together!  No fair!  Haha.  Here they are all pointing at their future mission locations (actually they all are there at this point, this is a fairly old picture) on the world map.

I’m gonna try to name all of them and where they are going, if I know…

From left to right:
Nickolas (Fiji), Bryce…E?  I can’t remember his last name, Jared aka Brett (San Antonio SP), Trevor (Peoria! Aha I remembered!), Cameron, Aaron aka Bryce R. (Philly! SP)…and I feel bad because I don’t know the other two guys’ names.  😦

But yea.  I miss them.  I’m gonna email Jke’s mom to see if she has any of their emails.  Even Nickolas, even though he never talked to me.  What a funny kid.


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