Or not.  I personally did not enjoy this book as much as I have enjoyed others, but more on that later.

Lamb is a fictional re-telling of the life of Jesus (yea, that Jesus) from around the age of six up until…well, you know, all  through the eyes of Biff, Jesus Christ’s best bud.  Why Biff is never mentioned in the scriptures is explained, so don’t you worry about that detail.  There are a lot of surprising bits and pieces about the wise men, Mary, the other Mary, John the Baptist, and many others.

Being religious, I know that by saying I didn’t like this book (which I kinda sorta did not) would set me up for people saying that I just didn’t like it because it’s about Jesus blah blah blah.  But this is not the case.  I thought it was well-written, the references were well thought out and clever (where applicable) and all in all it was a pretty good representation of the big JC and his teachings.  But none of that really matters when you want to punch the narrator/main character in the face.  Biff got on my nerves.  If he were a real person that I happened to know through school, work, church, or by any other means, I don’t think I would be friends with him or like him at all, really.  So it was really hard to read a book from his point of view.   And he cursed a LOT.  I don’t mind cursing in books (or in real life, really) but to a certain extent.  When I’m reading and there’s a lot of cursing, the language starts to get distracting.

Also, props to Christopher Moore for the afterword.  He did a good job with explaining certain things that less open-minded individuals might take issue with.  And he even mentioned a few things that I have noticed about scripture that a lot of people don’t take note of, which was refreshing.  All in all, it showed that he did his research.  Sadly, it has a bit of a disclaimer, which is too bad.  (I don’t like disclaimers when it comes to things like novels and music because it’s like apologizing to judgemental people for writing what you want.)

All in all, it was a well-written and intriguing story (that didn’t stain the image of Jesus Christ, IMO) but I didn’t like the general voice.  I’d give it a 7.5 out of 10.  I’m not gonna urge you not to read it, but if you don’t like it I’d probably understand.


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