We eat too much!  Holy crap.  So today I drank a shitload of water (80 oz. so far) and, with the exception of breakfast, ate only when I was hungry, rather than bored, stressed out, feeling blue, etc.  And I pretty much ate whatever I wanted.  Guess what my grand total of calories came to.  No, seriously, guess.

If you guessed 970 calories, you’re correct!

Don’t believe me?  Well I do this thing where I write down everything I eat, as well as the calorie count and fat count for each meal.  So here we go:

Piece of toast (1 tbsp peanut butter, 1 tbsp strawberry jam, 1 slice of bread)…235 cal/7.5 g fat
Bowl of Campbell’s Select Healthy Choice soup …. 210/5
Carl’s Jr. Charbroiled BBQ Chicken Sandwich … 360/4.5
3 Fudge-striped cookies … 150/7
Two gummy vitamins … 15/0

Total: 970 calories/24 grams of fat

Now I know that this isn’t healthy either, and I honestly didn’t do this on purpose.  I really honestly was satisfied with this amount of food, and the water contributed to this a lot, to be sure.  I actually am a little freaked out that I only had 970 calories today, especially considering I walked the dogs separately three times each.  But the point is, if we can get by just eating when we’re truly hungry and stopping once we’re full, rather than getting to that point of  “I’m stuffed!”, why do we eat so much?  Why don’t we stop and think about what we’re putting into our bodies?  I consumed in a whole day less than what most people consume in a meal from a restaurant or fast food joint.


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