I am bad with money.  There, I admitted it.  (as if it was a secret)

I was thinking this evening about how I need to save up for various things.  Beauty school, etc.  Because I have these goals and dreams, right?  Well, unfortunately for me, those goals and dreams cost money.  So I decided to do a quick Google search on high yield savings accounts.  One link led to another and I ended up at some site that was about money market accounts and Random Bank.  And I had to google what a money market account was.  I’ve read that term a lot but I never had any idea what it meant.  So for the past hour now I’ve been looking up different financial terms, and I’ve realized that I don’t know anything about anything when it comes to the world of finance.  (I know this is awkwardly like Confessions of a Shopaholic right now, but whatever.)  It’s a very intimidating world and now I feel like a tard for not knowing any of this.  I would ask my dad to explain some of it to me but he tends to get really frustrated and act like I’m stupid so…no thanks.  Anyway, that was my random thought.  Back to Google!


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