This book is utter delight.  There is a catch to this book review though… I didn’t read it!  I listened to it via books on CD.  My mom checked it out from the library and we listened to it on the way and back the weekend we drove to SLO, and continued listening while we unpacked and decorated the new apartment.  I don’t know if that makes a difference to you while weighing the accuracy of this review, but I figured it’s only fair I let you know.  Especially since the woman who read the story for the recording (her name escapes me) did a fantastic job!  The book is set in the South and stars a cast of old fuddy duddies who are active members of the Red Hat Society, and all their dealings in preparing for the wedding of one of the lady’s daughter…to someone twice her age.  The main character (and mother of the bride), Georgia, has known her future son-in-law since they were in college, and is shocked, appalled, and paranoid over the circumstances of this union.  With the help of her best friends, she smiles through the pre-wedding showers and preparations, all the while employing a secret agent to get the fiance checked out!

It’s hard for me to remark on the quality of the writing since I heard it rather than read it, but I loved the stories, the characters were interesting, and it was very funny!  There are times where Georgia re-visits her past and recounts how she met Wade (the fiance) and her husband, which can be a little slow at times.  But overall it was a very good listen at the least, and if you can imagine accents well (or even if you can’t) I’m pretty certain it’d be a good read too.  It’s definitely for females, and if you’re in it just for the wedding aspect…sorry.  There isn’t all that much wedding nonsense in it, even tho it’s all about the wedding.  I’d say 8.5 out of 10.


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