I read a certain post over at EcoSalon earlier today and the first idea on that post really struck a chord with me for whatever reason.  That idea…was guerilla gardening.  Yea, I said it.  Basically what you do is find any public patch of green in your area (usually those unused bits and pieces next to sidewalks or planters, which often times are dirt) and planting beautiful flowers, herbs, even veggies (if you are so inclined).  Yes, technically, this is illegal.  But the only cases that can be found where the gardeners got in legal trouble concerned some very specific mayday activities and moss graffiti.  Other than that, I can’t seem to find any issues with it, other than the occasional cop snooping around and asking questions.  Local residents may think you’re stealing plants, altho I read in one case that those participating were thought to be making fertilizer bombs.  Crazy-face.  Despite all that, I still think it’d be an awesome idea, and once you read up on tips and other stories from fellow guerilla gardeners here you should organize a trip with your friends, classmates, etc.  I’m thinking this summer when I have more people in town who would be willing to do this with me I’m gonna try one of these.  And when I do…I’ll be sure to blog about it.

I think I’d like to plant some sunflowers around here.  That’d be nice.


2 thoughts on “Guerilla Gardening

  1. gardening is hard work. specially farming. haha. but its kinda fun in a “I’m being productive” kind of way. (yesterday i had to do some mandatory community service at a place in Santa Rosa called Bayer Farms community gardens. it turned out to be pretty cool)

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