Well, I’m gonna be trying out a couple “new things” on the blog.  I say that in quotes due to the fact that they’re not really new at all, I just suck at blogging.  I’m gonna try my hardest to blog more frequently, and with shorter and more…concise (?) posts.  For example, I have much more to blog about than what I just did a bit ago (“the point”) but I just kept it on that topic alone, and later this evening will be another blog about a different topic.  I figure that’ll be easier for people to deal with.  It’ll make tags more relevant, and for those who hate reading my vague-ness (which, sadly for you, I practice quite often) you’ll be able to skip vague posts entirely and just focus on the ones with…non-vague…ness.

Also, it’ll (hopefully) remedy my tendency to ramble on for blog posts that are unbearably long.  I know no one wants to read that ish.  So by breaking it up into different posts…they’ll be…short..!

This post is a bad example of this, since it’s rambly and weird.



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