I’m not a fan of Nadya Suleman.  That being said, I’m even less of a fan of the ridiculous amount of media coverage she’s getting.  I’m really over it.  But this evening I saw something on the news that really upset me.  2 of the octuplets were brought home from the hospital today.  According to reporter Leo Stallworth “things got a bit out of hand.”  Understatement much?

Swamping the SUV and damaging the garage door?  Really, people?  Those are two precious and fragile babies inside that vehicle.  Regardless of the circumstances surrounding their birth, they are babies.  Premies at that.  Everyone claims that they are concerned for the welfare of the children.  But most of those people are lying.  They are concerned with the story.  Even if that means endangering the children.

I’m not trying to say that anyone involved was there with the intent to hurt anyone, but we’ve all seen how events like this can escalate.  People end up getting hurt.  And those are babies.  Real live babies.  I hope no one forgets that.

Anyway, stop giving her the attention she craves, please.  (I know I’m being a hypocrite by saying that in a blog post about the situation, but note that this is the first time I’ve talked about her…months later…and it will be the last)


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