I have been looking for a job pretty much non-stop for the past three months.  And I am going to explode.  This is the most frustrated I have ever been about anything, I think, because my parents don’t think I’m trying because I haven’t gotten anything yet.  But I am trying.  I’m applying to everything and anything aside from porn.  I’ve looked as far north as Ontario and Rancho Cucamonga, as far south as Temecula and Murrieta, and westward in Orange County.  I’ve tried temp agencies, retail, food service, everything.  I don’t know if I’m just really undesirable or if everyone is having the same problems as me these days but this is getting ridiculous.  Places that I am qualified to work for aren’t hiring, and the only places that are hiring require years of experience (even for secretary and front desk jobs).

This morning I spent about an hour on loan exit counseling figuring out payment options and all that.  So far I am $5,378.72 in debt, and that will increase with interest.  As soon as I start school again I can get a deferment but I have to start paying it back in probably June or July and at the rate my job hunt is going I have no idea if I’ll have a job by then.  It’s just very overwhelming and frustrating.


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