BEDA means Blog Every Day April.  In other words, well uhh…that’s actually really simple.  So every day in April I shall be posting a blog.  Which shouldn’t be too hard but considering the fact that my life has been so dull lately, it might be.

But I shall try.  There are no real consequences for failing, except that y’all will know.  And y’all know I’m a failure already anyway.  =]

Let’s talk about last week.  Last week was at least a little bit interesting.  Actually, it was very interesting.  To me anyway.  And this is my blog!  So last week was John’s spring break.  Thusly, he was in town.  Thusly, we hung out.  Quite a bit.  Well first James and I went down to San Diego (La Jolla…aka La Holla!) to visit him at his school (altho we spent very little time at the school, but whatevs) and drove around getting lost…and walked around in circles…and talking for hours in a McDonald’s.  Also we… oggled Asian babies, were forced to eat gelato, admired apple products, checked grades online, and found religion (in John’s case.  lol).  All in all, a great day.  Monday night was just a quick run to Jack in the Box and Walmart…and then getting stuck at Walmart (you know I love you Jamesie…you came and you took us to Walmart… just kidding).  Tuesday night we hung out with James and his nephew and then went to Chili’s and drove around and then went to Denny’s.  Not really to eat tho, just cuz they were open.  And thennnn Thursday John and I spent 13 hours together getting gas and Starbucks, picking Brendan up from school, watching Into the Woods, talking to my momma, eating french toast, and just overall chillin.  It was a really good day.  Friday John and I went to James’ concert at Mt. SAC, which was really good.  James did a great job, as did Fermata Nowhere (the male a capella group) and all the soloists.  It was a really great concert.  And then Saturday James and I hung out outside of John’s house (haha that sounds creepy but it really wasn’t) and then we went to the OC to the beach and Souplantation and Downtown Disney.  Another great day.  A lot of little things happened, but as of right now I don’t really feel like sharing them.  And then Sunday John left and I was sad.  😦

Dang, I really need to get to posting this before it’s April 2nd.  So I guess I’ll see y’all tomorrow!


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