Thanks to Allison for unknowingly giving me a topic for today.

I think I may have mentioned this in the past… I love mashups.  (See my various posts about it here and here)  And today Allison linked me to another mashup:

It’s growing on me, but I prefer my mashups mega mashed.  To the point where it just sounds like one all new song.  I just love mashups.  It’s a sickness.  Here’s one from Nelly Furtado and Phil Collins (still not very mashed, but I like it):

Here’s the Police and Snow Patrol (titled Every Car You Chase…which makes me chuckle):

This one is interesting…I still can’t decide if I like it but it just shows how crazy versatile this mashup business is:

This one makes me laugh, and I actually really like it.  Abba and 50 Cent.

Here are two different versions of the same mashup:

And the same mix with some Madonna thrown in:

I know this post is a bit of a cop-out…but I really do love all this music.  And I have another headache (I could’ve blogged about my headaches and it might have been more interesting, haha)


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