Today’s soundtrack:
True to the Faith LDS Hymn # 254
Christ the Lord Is Risen Today LDS Hymn #200
American Boy Estelle ft. Kanye West
Never Gonna Give You Up Rick Astley

I had a really good Easter this year.  At about 10 (I stayed up way too late) I managed to roll out of bed and start getting ready for brunch with my parents and my cousin Nick at Citrus City Grille at Dos Lagos.  The food there was pretty okay.  Some things were amazing, others not so much.  The restaurant itself though is beautiful!  It’s very contemporary and cool.  They had these great light fixtures and the layout was good, the booth seats were comfortable too.  Yes, I notice strange things.  It was a champagne brunch, but being under 21 I got to have me some water.  And some of my mom’s mimosa that she didn’t care to finish.  There was an assortment of brunch type foods, and I had some fruits and veggies and I got a shrimp fix too, so that was a success.  Also, for dessert, they had some great cheesecake.  After the meal, we strolled along the walkways that they have around the “lakes” there.

When we got home I was feeling like a fatty so I went jogging/walking for about 45 minutes.  I think.  It might have been an hour.  (I always forget to check the time before I leave to workout.)  Then I was all hot and sweaty and gross so I figured today would be a good day to kick my summer by the pool off.  My parents and I went down to the pool… Man, that water was COLD.  Once I got used to it though it felt great.  I only swam for a short while, if you can even call it swimming, and I got out and layed in the sun for maybe half an hour.  I think I fell asleep for a bit, or at least was close to sleep…and I’m pretty sure one half of my face is now a bit darker than the other.  I might just be crazy though.  I didn’t tan too much (the only way I know I did is because there is an extremely faint tan line on my back) but the fact that I tanned at all just makes me so happy.  I hate being so pasty and pale during the winter.

Before we went down to the pool my parents presented me with my Easter basket, which I honestly was not expecting at all.  They got me a Magic Bullet.  This pleases me.  I’m a sucker for kitchen appliances, and don’t they know it.

I’m very glad I live in southern California and I got to spend my Easter Sunday in the sun rather than lots of other peeps who were suffering through winter weather.

[note: the title is a joke.  if you couldn’t tell from my collection of LDS hymns, I do believe in what Easter represents.  not that you care, I just don’t want any people who may find this through BEDA to get the wrong impression.]


One thought on “BEDA: blah blah blah Jesus

  1. I want a Magic Bullet soooo bad. I’ve heard both awful and amazing things about them, and despite my chronic pessimism I’d love to take the chance and get one and see what it’s all about. The infomercials crack me up to no end, anyway. They should make a soap opera with all of the silly characters and their weird food-related relationships.

    It didn’t snow here on Easter, which is good, but I think the weather was fairly dreary. I didn’t leave the building, though, so I wouldn’t know.

    For the record, I didn’t know that Easter was a gift-giving holiday until this year, when some of my friends got things in the mail from their families, and others talked about the iTunes git cards and clothes they got. I guess Easter = Christmas as far as commercialism goes? I personally thought it was an excuse to eat loads of egg-shaped candy, if one disregards the religious aspect entirely, which seems to be the case nowadays. But I finished all of my Reese’s Eggs before Easter…they were too delicious. 😦

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